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What your baby should wear in the first few months

Clothing, swaddles & safe sleep bags Bodysuits, bundlers and babygros, these are really the only clothes you need in the first few months of your new baby’s life.

You will need at least twelve of each; try to buy them in packs of two or three to keep the cost down and look for 100 per cent cotton.

I prefer bodysuits that do up under your baby’s bottom to help protect her kidneys from the cold. If you are living in a hot climate you may dress your baby in just a bodysuit and nappy on very hot days and temperate nights. Envelope shoulders on the bodysuit are also good for explosive nappies because you can pull them down over your baby’s body and won’t need to drag the poo up over her head.

Babygros and bundlers make dressing a baby much simpler. Ensure that all outfits have a wide head opening and buttons at the crotch to make changing easier. Two-piece outfits may look cute but the top can ride up and become uncomfortable.

I have also noticed babies get quite uncomfortable in outfits with a waist. I have found that babies sleep better in bundlers and babygros than in two-pieces. I recommend a baby is not put in a two-piece outfit for any sleep before 18 months of age.

Don’t purchase any sleepwear with a hood as it can increase the risk of SIDS and a hood can be quite bulky and awkward when lying down. Outfits with feet in them are practical as you will not need booties or socks that may fall off. And a warning that suits with buttons on the back instead of the front will drive your baby crazy: babies don’t usually like to be laid on their tummies while you do them up.

Cardigans, jackets and snowsuits

If you have your baby in winter you will need two or three cardigans, preferably made of wool or cotton. Winter babies in very cool climates will need a snowsuit (try to find one that is machine washable).

All babies will need a lightweight jacket, even summer ones. These jackets are good on warm but not hot days for outdoors, but also good on a colder day if you are going out and popping your baby in the car. If your baby is in the car in a heavier jacket she might overheat.

Socks and booties

For outfits that do not have feet, socks or booties will keep baby’s feet warm in winter and protect them from the sun in summer.

Hat or bonnet

When going out and about, one broad-brimmed cotton hat in summer or a soft, warm hat that covers the ears in winter will be just the thing. As mentioned, never allow your baby to sleep in a hat or bonnet as she may become overheated, increasing the risk of SIDS.


Bundlers are similar to babygros but open at the bottom, useful when changing nappies at night. However, a soft all-in-one outfit will do just as nicely when baby is a newborn and will save on additional clothing and expense.


Most newborn babies love to be swaddled. Stretch cotton fabric wraps are ideal for this because they give the baby security but still allow your baby’s hips to move. Alternatively, one of the best wraps I have found on the market and recommend for swaddling right up until your baby is showing signs of rolling while swaddled is the Doublewrap, also known as ‘the wrap in a wrap’. You will need at least three wraps.

It is important to use a safe wrap to help keep your baby warm and to delay your baby rolling from her back onto her tummy as sleeping your baby on her back is one of the most important factors in keeping your baby safe from SIDS and SUDI.

I do not recommend using a wrap with a zip on it, or any type of swaddle or wrap where your baby’s arms are able to move. These wraps allow your baby to use her arms to roll onto her tummy, where she may get stuck face down, putting her at high risk of SUDI. Another risk with zip wraps is that the zip can slip down and your baby can slide into the wrap and become trapped.

Safe baby sleep bag / baby sleeping bag

Safe baby sleep bags are designed to help keep your baby warm when used with other clothing and bedding such as blankets. They also help to delay your baby from rolling from his back to his tummy because they restrict your baby’s movement.

I recommend you use a safe baby sleep bag under a Doublewrap from eight weeks then alone without the Doublewrap once your baby is no longer swaddled for sleep. A safe baby sleep bag was formerly known as a baby sleeping bag and should not be confused with a sleeping bag used for outdoor camping purposes.

Safe baby sleep bags come in different tog ratings that should be noted when purchasing.

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