Boundaries around the Pool

Given it is Summer here in Australia and New Zealand (although with the crazy weather we have been experiencing you could be forgiven for forgetting that!) many families are spending lots of time at their local pool or beach or are taking summer holidays away and spending lots of time in and around the water. This prompted

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New Friends in New Places

…there was something else that can be equally as challenging (that both Tizzie and I have experienced) and that’s picking up sticks and moving all the way across the world.

Top Christmas time survivial Tips!

I noticed of few of you voicing concerns about how to cope with Christmas time festivities as well as manage and maintain your children’s routine. So I thought it was a great opportunity to share my tips with you regarding this. While routine is very important for children, Christmas is also an important time to

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Meet Tizzie Hall, International Baby Expert By Penny Johnston (Penny Johnston is the presenter of Babytalk)

Some people just have a knack with babies. Tizzie Hall is one of those people that just loves babies and they love her back (it seems they just adore someone who knows what they’re doing!) She’s worked with hundreds of families around the world helping babies get to sleep and their parents get their lives

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What is a safe sleeping bag?

In the years of working with sleep bags I’ve seen zips and poppers that come off, necks and arm holes that are too big (allowing babies to fall into them or climb out), sleep bags with Velcro on them (allowing them to become attached to the mattresses) — these are just a few unsafe examples. Your baby

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Mummies should support each other!

Today’s Australian morning shows have been flooded with comments and debate about a recent article in a UK Parenting magazine. In the UK the National newspapers including The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Observer are all writing about it and on both sides of the world online communities including various parenting websites and a

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A letter from Clare Byam-Cook!

Hi Clients readers and friends: I just received a lovely letter from Clare Byam-Cook which I would like to share with you. For those of you who do not know who Clare is here is a little about her. Clare Byam-Cook, is a qualified nurse and midwife, but retired from practicing as midwife in 1985.

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15 TOG for us 2.5 TOG for Baby!!

Darragh has a bit of gastro which isn’t too much fun in a campervan. He vomited on our bed and we had to change the duvet and while doing so we noticed the duvet is 15 tog, Nathan said “wow that’s amazing the two of us are sleeping and keeping each other warm under a

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WAY TO GO OLLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all: We are having a ball we are in Bridgend Wales with Donna a friend of mine from uni days. Donna has Poppy 6months older than Darragh and Ollie 5 months older than Cillian. Poor Donna and Ollie have not had a a full nights sleep in 6 months since Ollie started sleeping in

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Channel 10 News report

Channel 10 news report Hi All, here is the interview from Channel 10 Brisbane News regarding my advice around keeping babies warm enough in bed. When you watch the link please be aware that I actually made it clear that I agree with everything SIDS say about over heating being a factor in SIDS but

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