Tizzie Hall’s Biography

Tizzie Hall

Tizzie Hall is an internationally renowned baby whisperer and bestselling author of Save Our Sleep, which has been translated into seven languages. Born and raised in Ireland, Tizzie started her Save Our Sleep business in the United Kingdom in 1996. She moved to Australia in 2002 where she has continued the success of her infant sleep solutions business. Tizzie has been working with babies, toddlers, and their parents for over 22 years. Her customised sleep routines and behaviour approaches have helped thousands of restless babies and toddlers sleep through the night and have a happy and secure childhood. By sharing an insight into sleep and behaviour patterns, Tizzie has developed a method of putting parents at ease about their children’s actions. Tizzie gives parents the skills they need to take control of their baby or toddler’s present and future development.

Tizzie’s advice includes specific age related baby and toddler routines, dummy use, expressing, dealing with premature babies and multiple births, breast and bottle feeding and how and when to introduce solids, potty training, how to deal with tantrums and the transition for cot to bed and much, much more. Tizzie’s tried and tested approach will teach you how to deal with the known and the unknown causes of sleep, behavioural and developmental issues in baby’s and toddlers based on many years of experience with young children.

Tizzie Hall often appears on radio and television sharing her sleep solutions with the public. She also regularly runs sold-out workshops across Australia and other countries and her four books include, Save Our Sleep Baby, Save Our Sleep Toddler, Save Our Sleep Feeding and My Very First Diary all published by Pan Macmillan Australia. Tizzie lives in Ocean Grove VIC with her husband Nathan and sons Darragh, Cillian and Ciarán.

To enquire about the bestselling Save Our Sleep Baby, Save Our Sleep Toddler, Save Our Sleep Feeding and My Very First Diary, or to request an interview with Tizzie Hall please contact Charlotte Ree at Pan Macmillan on 02 9285 9100 or email .