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Save Our Sleep® believe it’s every child’s right to receive comfort, a parent’s right to demonstrate love, and everyone’s right to a full night of sleep.

If any of the above relate to you, you’re in the right place welcome to Save Our Sleep®.

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I just have one little question. I have SOS book & app. I am following the 6.5 - 9 months routine from the app because I LOVE the reminders. But when I was looking back at my book for some other info, I realised they are different. The app says no milk feed at 3pm where as the book says half milk feed 11am & 3pm. So I have been following the app because my daughter seems to be happy but I was wondering if this was incorrect. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 hours ago  ·  

I am looking for a lawyer with Facebook experience, there are a few pages on Facebook set up to blacken my name and bully myself, clients, readers and friends. I would like to find a way to find the owners of these pages and have them pay me compensation for the hurt they are causing myself my children, fans (clients, readers and friends). Any compensation I get I will donate to a charity. So if you know any Facebook experienced lawyers please email

To the Bullies/Trolls please note I am not that upset by you I was once told “Congratulations someone hates your brand, it means you are doing a good job branding.” However now my children are old enough to read the internet I will be taking action. So to the bully pages please note I am no longer standing back. Facebook will not be held responsible if you read the small print the page owners are who I am seeking compensation from.

Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie
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17 hours ago  ·  

Tizzie Hall talking about sale items ... See MoreSee Less

23 hours ago  ·  

A Lizzie Lamb has been found in Mansfield Victoria. Is anyone one from this area missing a friend? ... See MoreSee Less

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