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Hey Tizzie! I have a 12day old little girl! She was born at 37w6d. Just a quick question, do I wait until she is 2weeks past her due date to move to the next routine or just 2weeks old? She has regained her birth weight and is 3830g. Thank you in advance! ... See MoreSee Less

21 hours ago  ·  

Hi tizzie
I have a 6 mth old boy and have been following your routine since he was 12 wks old! The routine has been great thank you.
I just watched your video about sleeping and you said to add milk and cereal to all 3 meals, I didn't realise this and have only given him cereal in morning mixed with water and fruit, the rest of his meals are mixed vege followed by mixed fruit with out cereal and milk, is it to late to change this?
He sleeps through from 7pm til April 2-3am then won't settle back to sleep properly.
He has a dummy to settle as well
Thank you
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1 day ago  ·  

Hello, I have been following your routine for 2 weeks for my 4 month old. I was previously rocking her to sleep and she would only sleep for 30mins. She is now going down on her own with no crying but is still waking at 30 - 40 mins. At night she wakes only once for a feed and settles right away. Any advice on how to get her to sleep longer during the day would be appreciated. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago  ·  

Tizzie Hall talking about sleep problems. Free link ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago  ·  

I was wondering , in The SOS book and on some of the SOS YouTube clips, Tizzie says to go into the room when baby wakes, put your hand on them and rub them until they go back to sleep. And then leave the room.

Just wondering if baby would then associate being rubbed with sleep and not self seethe but rely on mum / dad comforting them (rubbing them) if they wake in the night?
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2 days ago  ·