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Save Our Sleep® believe it’s every child’s right to receive comfort, a parent’s right to demonstrate love, and everyone’s right to a full night of sleep.

If any of the above relate to you, you’re in the right place welcome to Save Our Sleep®.

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We are currently away and my son is sleeping in the Baby Bjorne cot and he is sweaty as.....I'm sure I seen a live chat where Tizzie spoke about what do if they sweat in the travel cot.....I just can't find the chat. Can anyone point me in the right direction???? We have 2 more nights in the travel cot.
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4 hours ago  ·  

Hi! Our 8 month old self settles himself to sleep at 7pm every night. I taught him this trick about 3 weeks ago after a long 7 months with little sleep. He sleeps well through the night until around 5am when he becomes restless. Between 5am and 7am he cries more than he sleeps, he cries on and off never really going back into a deep sleep . Noises such as kookaburras, cars, dogs or my husband getting up for work set him off and sometimes there's not even any noise. I've never given in to him and got up to him, I always wait until around 6:45 to 7 to get him up. I've tried putting him to bed earlier at 6:30pm but that doesn't seem to change anything . Any suggestions? ... See MoreSee Less

19 hours ago  ·  

Thank you Home and Away!! It took watching it five time for me to fine it! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago  ·  

When our beautiful little 14 month full of energy boy started ruling our lives and we started losing ourselves, we knew we needed a change. We have three other children we need to give love to as well. He didn't sleep through the night until we did the Deep End Approach....NOW...thank you to SOS we have had sleep throughs for the last 6 weeks! I can't explain the difference this has made for my family, but also mental health. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago  ·  

Hi Team.

I have a 6.5 month old who is a great sleeper, eater etc. Bedding guide and routine followed. We live in Melbourne.

She goes down for her 2x day sleeps with minimal complaint, however when it comes to 7pm, she usually kicks up a bit of a fuss for a good 20 minutes or more. We dont use a dummy, but white noise has become regular and works usually very quickly to calm her down. I dont want to be relying on this as she doesnt need it during the day. Once she is asleep we rarely have a problem and she always sleeps through til dreamfeed ( which im in the process of dropping), and wakes in the morning around 7am. Im thinking she is overtired since being awake from 3pm, and gets herself into such a state! Would you recommend moving her bedtime earlier or altering any of the routine at all?

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2 days ago  ·