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01. Why are routines so important?
The importance of routines is discussed in this free article.

02. Why should I purchase your articles as well as a book?
Most of the information in my articles is in the current book however if you are looking for further reading please visit this area of the website.

03. In some of your routines you advise against putting a baby to sleep in his bed. Why is that?
This comes down to giving your baby very clear messages. If you know he’s due for a sleep, put him in his bed. He’ll learn that if you put him in his bed, he’s meant to sleep. However, at other times we suggest a nap. Put your baby down in a safe, comfortable place so that if he hasn’t taken the nap, he won’t get mixed messages when you get him up.

04. What is the waiting time for the delivery of the Safe Baby Sleeping Bags?
If you are located in Australia, you will normally receive your Safe Baby Sleeping Bag within a week. Allow three weeks for delivery if you are abroad.