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What is the best advice I have for a new family?

Since opening the Save Our Sleep HUB in January 2019 I have found it very easy to help families solve sleep problems. I have had more and more families come through the door thinking they had a sleep problem and they might need to go to sleep school or do something which I do not recommend like controlled crying or cry it out or baby sleep training. However with a quick chat and some bedding and feeding advice I turn these poor sleepers into good ones. So my best advice is if a baby is warm and well fed they sleep all night. If your child is not warm enough they can get into the habit of waking up for a feed when they no longer require that feed for nourishment. The other important fact is a cold baby is at risk or rolling to their tummy to warm up this is a very big SIDS and SUDI risk for a child less than 2 years old. For more information on the subject please read my Safe Bedding guide.

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01. Why are routines so important?
The importance of routines is discussed in this free article.

02. Why should I purchase your articles as well as a book?
Most of the information in my articles is in the current book however if you are looking for further reading please visit this area of the website.

03. In some of your routines you advise against putting a baby to sleep in his bed. Why is that?
This comes down to giving your baby very clear messages. If you know he’s due for a sleep, put him in his bed. He’ll learn that if you put him in his bed, he’s meant to sleep. However, at other times we suggest a nap. Put your baby down in a safe, comfortable place so that if he hasn’t taken the nap, he won’t get mixed messages when you get him up.

04. What is the waiting time for the delivery from Save Our Sleep?
If you are located in Australia, you will normally receive your purchase in a day or two. Please look at this page for a better understanding of our service.