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Save Our Sleep® believe it’s every child’s right to receive comfort, a parent’s right to demonstrate love, and everyone’s right to a full night of sleep.

If any of the above relate to you, you’re in the right place welcome to Save Our Sleep®.

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W H E R E D I D Y O U ? May I ask where did you get your copy of my book? If you bought it for yourself why did you? N E W 2021 E D I T I O N O U T N O W • New book available in my store now! Page 119 will no longer get missed. Find Save Our Sleep at at our Destination Store in Ocean Grove (address in bio) at Big W and at all great book stores. .......#tizziehall #blanket #blankets #COT #crib #nursery #babybook #tizzie #safesleep#sids #thebabywhisperer #saveoursleep #newborn#newbornbabies#newborns#babysleep#parentingadvice#motherhood #mothersdaygift ... See MoreSee Less

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R O U T I N E • Babies and toddlers thrive on a routine. Look how happy little baby Vyder is! Thank you for sharing your darling baby boy @aobeliunas_ ..I believe my baby routines are very important in helping parents to interpret their baby’s cries. They teach parents to understand the difference between their baby’s various cries. When following a baby routine, you will start to recognise your baby’s hungry, tired or bored cries. When your baby starts to cry, you will be able to look at the baby routine and see what is due next. If your baby is due a feed, you will start to recognise that cry as a hungry cry. If your baby is due to have a sleep, you will learn that cry as a tired cry.At first the idea of a baby routine can be quite scary. You will think if you have to spend the day clock watching, how will you relax or get on with everyday jobs. What happens if you have an older child, with a school run to do each day? Don’t worry, it is possible. Not everyone’s baby or life is the same, so sometimes baby routines need careful adjusting to suit your circumstances. If you find this to be your case, then try to follow my basic rules and adjust the routines to suit your circumstances better. Through following my baby routines you are able to plan things such as doctor’s appointments more easily, because you know what your baby will be doing at each stage of the day. If you have older children, they will also gain advantages from your younger baby having a routine, as you will be able to plan activities with your older children, as all the guesswork of what your baby may be doing at what time, is taken out of your day. The best part of these routines is knowing you will have time for yourself and your partner in the evening. The general feeling I get from parents who are not following a daily baby routine, is that this is often their hardest part of the day.My routines also help babies to feel safe and secure. Your baby will know that his needs are being met and he has no need to cry. As a result you will end up with a very happy contented baby. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo @nicala ... See MoreSee Less

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H A T L E Y O R G A N I C P y J A M A S New styles in store but nearly sold out. The range of pyjamas by @hatley are the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays or just for fun for babies, toddlers and kids including onesies and two piece PJs, both for Summer and Winter — and such good quality they will last and last wash after wash! How cute are these?The whole range of @hatley PJs is available online at and at The Save Our Sleep DESTINATION Store, 7 Sykes Place, Ocean Grove, Geelong Victoria..... ......#pjs#pyjamas #kidspyjamas #pajamas #babywear #babyclothes #onesies #babygirl #babyboy #tizziehall #tizzie #babywhisperer #saveoursleep #parenting #babyshower #toddlerfashion #kidsfashion #babyfashion #smallbusiness #geelong #hatley #hatleypjs #sale #onesie #Swimwear #gumbootsoup ... See MoreSee Less

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M U L T I P L E S • Are you expecting more than one baby?Congratulations! What an exciting time for your family. I always wanted to have twins and am in awe of those that do. Did you know my Save Our Sleep Baby and Feeding books have sections especially for multiple arrivals? I also offer a Multiple Love Discount to help with the cost of buying for two or more babies at the same time. If you are a multiple love family or you know of one, then be sure to find out more information on what we offer. Just check ‘multiples’ at the check-out when you make your purchase at .......#multiples #twins #twinmum #triplets #quads #quadruplets #multiplemumsupport ##tizziehall#babycomforter#comforter#newborn#newbornsleep#babysleep #babysleep #sleeproutine #saveoursleep #thebabywhisperer #babywhisperer#swaddlewrap#swaddling #comforters #routinebaby #dreamfeed #babybook ... See MoreSee Less

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WARNING!! Dear Clients' readers and friends, If any of you have an online store please read this. I have had a Paypal account for my small business since 2003. I would class myself as a good honest customer of PayPal. Over the years I have seen people say Paypal locked them out of their accounts for no reason and I always thought this must be wrong there must be a reason, this was until yesterday. Yesterday I received this from Paypal:You can no longer use PayPal Following our review, we've permanently limited your account as it was engaged in activity intended to deceive PayPal and its customers.You can still log in to view your transactions but you can't conduct any further business using PayPal. Any money in your PayPal balance will be held for up to 180 days. We'll email you information on how to access the money when it becomes available.Thank you.When I called Paypal to ask what happens to the $48K in the account they couldn’t tell me apart from I might have to wait 180 days to get it that 6 months. They had no explanation to what caused this action by them they said maybe I was connected somehow to a person who committed fraud I asked in what way they said maybe they shopped in my store. I and my team have gone back over so many transactions and it all looks normal, we are at a loss as to what caused this. Our in and outgoings are the same for the past few years nothing stands out. My reason for this post is to say unless Paypal give me a good reason to I will never use Paypal again and if any of you use Paypal for personal or Business use I would strongly recommend you to reconsider. As a small family run business this is going to have a very negative affect on us. NineNews PayPal A Current Affair 7NEWS Australia RTÉ News ... See MoreSee Less

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