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What type of sippy cup do you recommend for transitioning from bottle? He’s only just nearly 12 months so just thought I’d try with the middle day feed. Maybe a slow release soft spout? ... See MoreSee Less

4 hours ago  ·  

Warning STOP think before you buy. This rice cereal now has prebiotics added to it. In my opinion this might cause sleep problems after a week of use in some babies. Stock up on the old version do not get this new version. ... See MoreSee Less

7 hours ago  ·  

Question time with Tizzie Hall. I will take the 1st 3 questions asked. Here is a link to the Bedding guide talked about in this video ... See MoreSee Less

11 hours ago  ·  

I’ve just requested to join the chat group, but in the meantime am really looking for some advise on progressing through the routines (and when it’s necessary to move back to an old routine?) and why my 10week old might be unsettled 45mins into his nap, for a whole 45ish minutes, then quiet again until I wake him?

So we’ve been on the routines since Day 3, and whilst he’s my third, he’s my first using your routines, and he’s been great. So much easier and better at sleeping than my girls at same age. I don’t think we’ve been following your routines to a T though, so now not really sure where I need to make changes to help him sleep sounder through his naps. His night sleep is great (sometimes cries lots whilst settling, but I think those times he’s been OT, and only one feed after DF. On the occasions he’s woken before 7am I’ve just endeavoured to give him a bit more WT the next day, which has worked).

When I say not to a T, he’s always been a sleepy baby, and I’ve always struggled to keep him awake the full WT. He used to doze off whilst feeding ALL THE TIME, now only occasionally. In bouncer, in pram, on change table, in car, on me, on lounge with girls squealing and screaming at him to stay awake. To begin with I let him doze because, when I did put him to bed, he was napping until next feed, and like I said, sleeping well at night, AND because somewhere in your book (and one of the case studies) it said it was okay for bub to snooze in a safe place between naps. After a while I convinced myself I was doing the wrong thing though. I wondered how I could possibly be helping him extend his waketime if I let him snooze? And how long was he allowed to snooze? I think I probably started questioning myself at times when naps started becoming unreliable - some 40ish mins, some 1hr, sometimes waking 30mins early, sometimes crying mid nap and going back to sleep, other times not, etc. At those times I’d normally freak out and move to the next routine 1/2 a week early (because he was 4.3kg, is a third child and has been on routines since day 1, so I always questioned weather he needed to move through routines faster). But because I was questioning myself, I never knew if I should be moving him to the new routine with snoozing or without (because somewhere else in book I thought it said do whatever it takes to keep baby awake), so when I moved him too a new routine and/or didn’t let him snooze, he was utterly beat by the time I put him to bed, with his eyes barely open, and now after the further reading I did last night I’m starting to think I was putting him down too sleepy those times. Which makes it hard for me too know when I can put him down early and when I should wait? (I’d rather not rely on tired signs, and go by timings instead).

So if it’s okay to let him doze (because sometimes that’s the only way to stretch him out the full WT, other times he just seems to settle peacefully-ier and nap sounder with the snoozes) then are their any rules/guidelines to when and how long? It doesn’t bother me when he dozes off mid feed, because that’s at the start of his WT, but if he dozes off closer to nap time, I still wake him, change and wrap him, then sometimes he’s settles back to sleep quickly, other times it takes 1/2hr, but then I’m always nervous he won’t sleep the full nap time because he had a snooze so close to nap time. Especially if the snooze has lasted 30-40mins in the bouncer right before nap time. So can anyone confirm firstly if this snoozing is ok on a routine? And if so, how long should I let him snooze? Or is that something I just have to figure out for myself.

So because I’ve been allowing snoozing, now that I’ve been trying to keep him awake, am I now moving along too quickly for him? He’s 10wks so we just moved to 2hr WT and the mid nap crying/protests didn’t cease. Could these be caused by overtirdness? He definitely looks way tireder. Should I be slowing down or moving him back? When I move to a new routine should I only be asking more waketime before the first nap on the first day so he doesn’t get too OT?

For today’s first nap he fell asleep whilst feeding (he still looked tired when I woke him at 7am so I wasn’t surprised, and I read that when this happens you can just put them in a safe place to rest for 10mins - but he slept for 30-35mins, woke, finished his feed, had some tummy time (because I was reading on another website, to help them sleep sounder during naps to tire them out), nappy change, then bed awake. Despite the long snooze he definitely looked tired, and was showing some tired signs, and went down calmly, but chatted and grunted away for 20mins before falling asleep. I left his socks on today just in case coldness has been the cause of his restlessness during naps, but left his layers the same. Anyway, are finally settling to sleep he slept, without any cries, noises or anything until I woke him at 11. So now I don’t know if it was because I let him doze (which I have no control over and can’t necessarily replicate tomorrow), or because of the tummy time, or because of the socks, or something else... But I want to replicate it tomorrow morning to see if he can nap soundly again, because I really want my predictable, peaceful naps back. And I want to know if I can let him keep dozing between naps, or if I need to rejig the routine on those occasions he does fall asleep before his scheduled sleep?

I really want to stay on track so that I’m in the best possible position to correct his night sleep if/when that goes askew.

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1 day ago  ·