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Facebook Feed

Not sure what routine to be on ... baby was born 4.8 kgs

Baby is now 15 weeks old and weighs about 9kgs. Started solids. (Was very ready)

So far I’m doing :

7am BF
8am brekky
9am bed
11 BF
12 lunch
1 bed
3 BF
5 dinner
6:15 BF
6:45 Bed
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20 hours ago  ·  

Look at these lovely comments about my feeding book.

Kay says: The feeding book! Wow. I first read SOS in 2011 and am currently going through the motions with my 3rd child who was 6 months yesterday and have finally caved in and purchased a copy of the feeding book and can’t believe I didn’t read it sooner. I honestly didn’t realist the book had information on more than just starting solids. I’ve already read half the book and haven’t even touched on the from 16 weeks solids information. I cant recommend this book enough to anyone starting out. I wish I’d read this book sooner (rather than waiting until my last child was 6 months old!).

Bee said: Yes! I just finished it yesterday and thought the same. So much info about breastfeeding in those early days, and different diets / lifestyles etc. I also wish I'd read it sooner.

Aaa said: I have all three books, wish I too had them from day dot, but only discovered SOS when bub was 5 months old. Now she is nearly 3 i still have referred to them from time to time. Expecting #2 soon so hope i can start from birth this time.
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2 days ago  ·  

Hi tizzy, I’m in need of help. My daughter Hazel has been self settling since an early age. At 11 months she started daycare and the self settling has really gone backwards for us. When I walk out of the room she starts bawling and then vomits she gets so worked up like after a minute. It has got so bad if she wakes at night we give her a bottle and if she doesn’t settle starts to vomit again. She is 17 months now but is in the 10% for her age. She is a very fussy eater so food is an issue for us so night wakings is very common.

I’m due to have another baby in March and the vomiting and non self settling is getting me upset. I need to have this under control prior to March for my sanity and to give the clothes washer a rest. HELP thanks. Don’t let this face fool you.

I should mention we have been to a pediatrician and allergist with no luck.
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2 days ago  ·  

I’m due to have a baby next year right when school starts for my daughter.
The sleep routine states 8:15 and 2:30 that will be right as I am supposed to do drop
Off and pick up.
Anyone else follow this but took Bub with you?
Any advise would be great!
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2 days ago  ·