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Hi tizzie. Having an issue with ER. 13 weeks olds on the 12 week + routine.
Bedding and layers and temp have been followed.
He can handle more than 2 hours awake time for his first sleep as when we put him down at 9 he sleeps for 1 hour, 9:05, sleeps 1hr 15, 9:10 sleeps 1.5 hrs. I’ve notice the more I push this time out to allow him to sleep the full allocated time the earlier he wakes? Because he wakes earlier it’s hard to get back on track for the day. SS Fine and RS Fine. We are in central QLD. I always put him back in bed until 7 but he never sleeps. He is moving up the bed which indicates cold but he’s at max layers? His second sleeps has been all over the shop due to the issues with his first sleep etc. any ideas?
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12 hours ago  ·  

Advice needed. My lo (6months) is on the 6.5 month routine. Due to early rising I am trying to put him to bed at 6.30pm. My struggle is that he wakes from his afternoon nap at 3.30, he has his milk feed(which can sometimes take us to 4.30) then dinner at 5 and then night milk at 6! By 6pm milk is the last thing he wants. This is a lot in a small time frame. I feel like I'm force feeding him
What do I do??
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23 hours ago  ·  

Tizzie Hall talking about a sick baby and how to change the bedding guide. Here is a link to the bedding guide Remember 1515% off until Monday the 24th of September 2018 with promo code SEPT ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago  ·  

Hi tizzie, my 7mo air transitioning to two sleeps a day but still wakes at 5am. I'm struggling to decide on getting her up for the day then or trying to resettle her and waking at 7? The resettling doesn't really happen very well and I'm struggling to keep her awake until 9.20 or 9.40. This then throws out the whole routine.
Any tips please?
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4 days ago  ·