Baby Safety

Baby safety is of the utmost importance to me and the Save Our Sleep® team, and we pride ourselves in conducting thorough testing and research on all baby products before recommending or adding them to the Save Our Sleep® store. Some products pass our testing and are recommended, but other versions of the same baby products I do not recommend and are therefore not available in the Save Our Sleep® store. For example, some BabyGund®, Amadeus®, and Bubbaroo® products are not in the Save Our Sleep® store. This may be for a number of reasons. They may not have passed my baby safety testing, I may not like the quality of the product or I may have felt it wasn’t useful to my clients. I may also simply not have had the opportunity to test it yet. So while I may recommend individual products from a manufacturer, this does not mean that I recommend every product they make. I would not wish Save Our Sleep® clients, readers and friends to purchase a product elsewhere thinking it is recommended by me, only to find it is not the same quality or safe standard as the one in my store.

Save Our Sleep® and Manufacturers

I would like to thank Amadeus®, Valco® (Angel care), Fish lily®, and Bubbaroo® for taking my thoughts into consideration and providing Save Our Sleep® clients, readers and friends with products I feel confident to recommend and stock due to their high standards. View our baby safe products today image_tizzieBest regards, Tizzie Hall Director