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When your baby cries for long periods, it can be distressing for you as well. No parent can bear to see their baby upset or in pain.

What causes your baby’s unexplained crying? It’s commonly Colic.

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What is Colic?

Colic is a general term for a pattern of unsettled behaviour and crying, common in a babies first few months of life. Statistically, Colic occurs in 1 in every 5 babies, and is equally common in breast fed and bottle fed babies.

Parents with ‘colicky’ babies always describe how their baby screams for hours at a time, usually in the evenings, and also has sleep problems. Their babies keep bringing their legs up to their chests, as though in pain. Our article on Colic explains the Save Our Sleep® definition of Colic, and helps you create a structured routine to counter its effects.

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