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Unfortunately, I have recently learned how easy it is to be the victim of identity fraud. When you have achieved a modest reputation like I have, it seems that you make enemies. Someone, or more than one person, has been posing as me and participating in chat room discussions.

I never participate in chat rooms.

If you think that you are talking to me just because someone has signed in as “Tizzie Hall” or knows intimate details about me, please think again. Many people know my phone number and other personal details about my life. Anyone wishing to communicate with me can send an e-mail to my address below (which fortunately is unique and unable to be copied, so far as I know), and I will respond to you.

There is another matter that concerns me. These people pretending to be me appear to be making statements designed to mislead and deceive people about my services and about other products. While I do recommend certain products that I like and feel work well, that does not mean that other products are unsuitable for children and parents.

I do not and will not denigrate other people or products.

Finally, as I said at the start, Save Our Sleep has achieved a modest reputation. We have done it by providing open, friendly assistance to the many suffering parents out there whom we wish to help. Our aim is to give parents the confidence to raise happy and contented babies and children.

I take pride in being an ethical business person. My many satisfied clients are my best publicity.

Le gach dea – ghu, Tizzie

image_tizzieBest regards,
Tizzie Hall