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January 2020

Dear Tizzie

I live in Perth, but the next time I’m in Melbourne I’m taking a trip to Geelong to personally meet you and thank you for helping me raise two healthy girls who have never had sleep issues .

I have two  girls who have slept through the night since between  8 -10 weeks of age . I can honestly say that they seldom cried as babies and could settle and resettle with your wonderful advice, techniques and safe bedding . My children NEVER went through 4 month regression, 6 month regression etc as their nutritional needs were always met . Teething , also, never seemed to cause sleep problems with either child .

I also wanted to add , that me second baby had hip dysplasia  and I was super anxious she wouldn’t sleep, but  the brace did not affect her at all. I used the SOS sleeping bags, blankets and bedding and she was good as gold.

Your books and online advice eased a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Occasionally I would have a question and it was always answered by the friendly SOS community and quite often by Tizzie herself  in her “ off time” , so thank you. I found your advice was always researched with safety first, and what could be more important than our children’s safety?

I am forever grateful that someone told me about Tizzie Hall and SOS; there is no substitute for our sleep and our sanity.  Our sleep is important but so is sleep for our children as it is so vital for their growth , health and well being !

One day I will tell you in person, thank you for saving our sleep.

Emma Wallace , Perth WA


April 2014

Hi Tizzie I just wanted to email you to say how fantastic the service has been through your forum. I am a new form member and the advice I have received from Catherine has been so helpful, really timely responses and written in such a friendly, helpful and reassuring manner. The knowledge you guys have about babies is wonderful! I have also had some amazing help from Kate, when I had missed the boat with the daylight saving – I was panicking and getting confused, and Kate was so quick to step in and offer help. You have some amazing staff, of whom, I’m sure you are proud to keep your name and business so popular.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the forum, and I am sure so many others would also benefit from signing up. Your books are marvellous, I have used them with my first daughter and really wanted to be able to do the same with my second, but the forum just gives you that extra personal support, which can be extremely reassuring.

These days we are all too quick to complain about poor service, and often people never share the positive. So here we are. A big thank you to you and your wonderful team……amazing work.



March 2014

Hi Tizzie

I just wanted to pass along an email I got from my day care provider in regards to SOS. It was the best thing ever in regards to having a wonderful happy baby!

Thanks a million!

“Hi Jo,

I just wanted to ask this for my personal development – is there a sleep guide you used when getting Ewan soothe himself to sleep? I am in awe of him and want to, if possible, learn to apply your method when dealing with babies/or at least recommend it to struggling moms.

Whenever you have time to drop me a few lines on this, I would greatly appreciate it. You guys are doing such a great job with Ewan.



June 2013

Dear Tizzie

Lexi with Tizzie's bookFor the first time Lilli looked up at me and smiled when I put her to bed last night, I almost cried! Lilli has smiled at almost every bedtime since and whilst she still has the occasional small protest cry whilst I leave the room she quickly self settles and when I go in & wake her and feed her I am also greeted by a great big smile – you and your book have been a true blessing from God Tizzie and I thank God every day that our request for your help slipped through.

Your guidance and your book have kept me sane and most importantly enabled me to be a good steward of Lilli and help her learn sleeping and feeding skills without my passing on bad habits! Before I came across your site Lilli dictated the feeding/sleeping schedule and it was chaos! I honestly felt like I was loosing control at times, for example every evening with Lilli feeding from 3pm through to falling asleep (whilst feeding!) at 8 or 9pm! Now I have a routine providing a happy, full and rested daughter and evenings to share with my husband again whilst enabling me to get things done around the home, have guests visit without stress and go visiting without stress all whilst knowing I am still providing Lilli with safe reliable sleep and feeds.

It truly seems like every time we had a concern or issue you worked it out straight away and we weren’t even in the same state! You truly are a baby whisperer.

I will be forever using your website to buy your baby safe products and referring to your books and reading through your forum – and I will be always the first to recommend to other mums they do the same.

Consider Lilli another one of your successful “save our sleep” babies.

God bless

Amie & Lilli

November 2010

Dear Tizzie, I just wanted to pass on my heart felt thank you for sharing your wisdom with us Mums. When my son was only a few weeks old he would scream all day, to the point we thought he had colic. I eventually figured out he was over tired and ended up rocking him to sleep for hours on end. 12 months on I was still rocking him for an hour every night and sometimes resorting to driving him to sleep.

I discovered your toddler book and decided to give it a try, 3 nights later my son was actually looking forward to going to bed, trying to dive out of my arms to be zipped into his sleeping bag.  Now all my friends & family can’t believe he’s the same baby who resisted sleep every night.  I will definitely be using your newborn book with my next baby.

Thanks so very very much. 🙂


November 2010


I am a very new member to the online advice area and have read with the recent posts and conversation threads, it all sounds a bit too hard and complicated to me, either my daughter Lexie is an absolute angle or my KISS approach is a far easier solution.

Let me explain, it is a long story so I will try and just give you the important parts, I have a 17 month old daughter Lexie, I am a solo dad bringing up a daughter after the death of my wife in July of last year, Lexie was nearly 10 weeks prem and born at just under 3 pounds, I had never changed a nappy, never held a baby.

I had a really really simple approach, a friend of mine knowing my situation recommended Tizzie’s book, I got it before Lexie came home, read it cover to cover, made notes, book marked pages and then when Lexie came home followed it to the letter, and I mean the letter, I didn’t ask my mum, the lady next door, the health visitor, didn’t follow any of the readily available misinformation out there I just followed the book, if anyone came over, helped me with Lexie they followed my routine or they didn’t come over.

As you can understand, I was having a tough time and being a mum/dad to Lexie and not getting sleep would have spelled disaster.

So how did it work out, Lexie is an angle, they only time I have had an issue was moving back from the UK and it took about ten days to get her back on track, once again 7 to 7 without fail!!

I am now on the toddler book and pushing ahead, Lexie doesn’t cry or winge, she smiles, laughs and is a complete content and rounded toddler, albeit without a mum.

So in summary, read the book, read it again and then follow it, don’t second guess it, I know there are exceptions and if you are one of those contact Tizzie and the team sooner rather than later, realign and go forward. Buy the swaddles, the sleeping bags, the comforter, the mattress the guides, the portable high chair, the spoons etc etc from the Save Our Sleep® ® ® website, don’t cut corners looking for cheaper alternatives, Tizzie’s recommendations are tried and tested so just go with it.

If you know of a friend, an acquaintance, anyone, about to have of has already a baby and you here the all to common story of lack of sleep then spread the word and politely of course suggest they go to the website and buy a copy.

In the last 365 days Lexie has slept from 7am until 7pm 359 days without fail, and I mean without fail, bullet proof, I DON’T ever go in, the six nights I have gone in have been a result of travelling across the world, so to be expected really.

So a final word, well for now anyway, at every turn I realise how special the Save Our Sleep team are and Lexie is a testament to them and Tizzie, they are my mentors, my counselors and my friends, and as much Lexie’s parents as I am, all I do is implement and give Lexie love, so I still don’t know anything about babies and toddlers just how to read and like all good horses when led to water I drink.

My wife may no longer be here but I feel she has sent Kirstie, Tizzie and the team.


May 2009

Dear Tizzie & Save Our Sleep® ® Angels, I would firstly like to start by saying thank you to Tizzie Hall! Your book & forums have literally changed my life.

I hadn’t looked into any parenting styles before I had my beautiful little girl 4 months ago. I went into it blindly not understanding how hard it really is. We were faced with our own challenges and if it weren’t for the tremendous strength of my partner I would have suffered PND for sure!

Then I found your book! At first I was overwhelmed and after the third time I picked it up I decided I would give it a go.

I contacted Save Our Sleep® ® shortly after and Kate suggested the forums for ongoing support. I was reluctant to join as I am not a big internet person and didn’t even know what a forum was, but I decided to join. Am I glad I did! Since I have been working with wonderful Amber to help through new arising issues. She coached me through teaching my girl to self settle and boy was that tough but so glad we did it! I’ve gone from being stressed, tired, emotional and not enjoying mother hood the way I should, to being more happier, calm, refreshed & loving being a mum. My little girl hardly slept, cried all the time, suffered from severe colic and I could never put her down, to now sleeping 7-7 waking once for a feed most nights and most days sleeping well too and she is so much more happier!

So I cannot thank you or your team enough! These forums have helped me learn to be a mum and how to teach my daughter things and do it in a calm way.

Thank you Emma & Kaylee


March 2007

Lexi with Tizzie's bookHi Tizzie,

I had to send you these candid photos! A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I found our Daughter Lexi quietly rolling around on the floor with your book in hand. She had spontaneously helped herself to our copy of the ‘Save Our Sleep’ book (which we refer to as ‘The Bible’) from our coffee table. If only she knew how relevant this book has been to her 8 months of life!!!


Kim and Simon

March 2007

Harrison StainesTizzie,

I am just writing to say a huge “THANK YOU!” Your advice and routines have changed our lives. Harrison has always been a challenge to get to sleep and introducing your routines and ideas has changed him into a different child and made his Dad, his and my life much much easier.

He is now a much happier and more content baby. I am always recommending you to struggling mums now. I wish I had have know about you in those really hard months after Harrison was born. I WILL be using your routines straight after I have my next baby.

So many thanks,

Jacinta, Anthony & Harrison Staines

March 2007

Dear Tizzie,

You probably hear this all the time, but your book has changed our lives! Thank you!

My husband, Sean and I are South African and we’ve been living in the UK for almost three years. We have a beautiful baby called Isaac, who is almost 6 months old. It took us 7 years to conceive this miracle and so we expected parenthood to be wonderful, but it was turning out to be a nightmare…

A friend of mine recently came back from Australia with your book and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

From the age of about 8 to 10 weeks, Isaac would wake up every single night, after just 40 minutes of being asleep. It would then take us the rest of the night to settle him again. Some nights, he would just scream and cry for hours. He has reflux and so we put it down to that (because once we picked him up, he would stop crying). I saw four different doctors, trying to find answers, as I knew he didn’t have colic and couldn’t understand why he always woke after exactly 40 minutes. Over time, the evenings got better and better and it would take less time to settle him once he woke after the 40 minutes. I knew that this had something to do with sleep cycles, but no one seemed to be able to help me!

Isaac hardly slept during the day. I would spend ages trying to get him to sleep and he would inevitably wake after just 40 minutes.

He was always quite a good sleeper during the night, until recently when he started waking up at all hours (one night he woke up every hour!) He would just cry and cry and I would try and rock him or feed him and eventually just put him in bed with me, out of sheer desperation. He has always slept in his cot, in his own room and we thought that we were doing “everything right” with regard to sleeping and bedtime routines, etc, but I didn’t realise how much we were actually helping him to get to sleep. It got to a point where we were almost “forcing” him to take his dummy and go to sleep! It felt as though all I did was try and get Isaac to go to sleep.

Isaac was 10lbs 2 ounces at birth, and I am breastfeeding and giving him two bottles a day. He’s been on solids since 14 weeks. He’s always been very alert, happy and AWAKE!

Since being on your routine he seems calmer, settled and happier. He doesn’t even use his dummy anymore! I am no longer giving him teething powders to soothe him or pain medication. I just put him in his cot, with a teddy and a muslin square and walk out of the room.

Last night, he went straight to sleep without any fuss (even though he had a nap at 5 to 5:30 pm). My hubby gave him a bottle at 10:30 and he slept through until about 6:20 this morning. I put him down at 9 am this morning and he was asleep in five minutes. He woke after 40 minutes, but he then went back to sleep! The morning sleep used to be an absolute nightmare. It once took me an hour and a half to get him to sleep and he then woke after 20 minutes! Sean and I were really taking strain and there was lots of crying, shouting and fighting going on. Five months of very little sleep and a constant battle to get Isaac to sleep was taking its toll on us in a huge way!

I just wanted to say thank you so much! Your book is such an answer to prayer! I cannot really express in a letter just how much of a difference your routines and self-settling advice has made. I feel that every mother should be issued with a copy of your book before they leave the hospital. No one tells you how important it is to teach your baby to self-settle!

I feel that I have a life back! I have more time in the day to get on with things and Sean and I now have the evenings to ourselves (We used to spend the evening waiting for Isaac to wake and then run up the stairs to try and settle him!). Now we cannot wait to go and get him in the mornings and I actually miss him when he’s asleep!

I now have a baby who puts himself to sleep, with no fuss at all, settles himself back to sleep if he wakes up, sleeps longer than 40 minutes during the day and now sleeps through the night! This is how it should be! I can now enjoy my beautiful, long-awaited baby! Thank you so much!

God bless and I look forward to seeing your book in the UK!

With love

Sean, Sarah and Baby Isaac


Dear Tizzie

I am writing to say a big thank you for writing your book. It has really helped us climb a mountain which at one point I never thought we would make the top of! My only disappointment is that I didn’t find it earlier especially when I was having trouble breastfeeding and my midwife did not take my concerns seriously enough. The advice in your book has really given me back my confidence and empowered me to know that I am making the right decisions. My little girl Holly, is almost 8 months old and thrives on your routines. Your method for removing the dummy worked just as you described it would and I now look back and wonder why I didn’t remove it sooner. She now sleeps through the night and has every night since the dummy went! I do not hesitate to recommend your book to others. I hope you and your family have a safe and happy Christmas, we are looking forward to our first with Holly.

Kind regards,

Karen Backhouse

Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Penny/Tizzie!

Just wanted to say thank you for all of the help and information you have provided me. My daughter Hayley has gone from being an avid catnapper to having 2 x 2hr sleeps per day and 1 x 40min nap. She has also started sleeping the full 12hrs at night. I am enjoying my time with her much more now that I am not as exhausted.

I have recommended Tizzie’s routines and articles to heaps of mums that are having trouble with catnapping and sleeping and will continue to do that.

Thanks once again!

Yours truly,


Dear Everybody at Save Our Sleep™,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As a Nanna, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the routines and articles you have sent me over the last couple of years (for my grandchildren). When I was a young mum, I begged and pleaded for someone to help me to know how to ‘mother’ – when to feed – to wrap baby or not – how much sleep does baby need – how often to feed baby. I read everything I could lay my hands on ! I tried so hard but even after 4 kids I was still doing it the hard way. I was a walking zombie!

You are empowering these mothers. They can mother with confidence. It all makes so much sense !!! You explain things so well. You give the reasons why. You are helping these young Mums to enjoy these early years with their babies. Happy families makes for a happy community!

Save Our Sleep™ is not just a business. It’s a service to the community! Helping Mum means you help Baby and the whole family benefits. What goes around comes around. So, may all the help you give these Mums come back as blessings to you and your families a hundredfold.

With kind regards

Carmel (Nanna)

August 2006

Thanks Victoria – the Egg has already turned up in the mailbox today over night and I am putting it to good use immediately I was very surprised to find the nursery temp was around 18.9 – 19.0 degrees; I have thought it was around 13 – 14 degrees and have been putting on the thermostat heater regularly during the day and all night prior. This will save us the purchase price and more on our future electricity bills!!

As usual very prompt and efficient service – your team does a great job.

Kind Regards,

Sue Phillips-Lange

Bronze Member

March 2006

Dear Tizzie,

Thank you for my copy of your Save Our Sleep™ book, which I received in the mail yesterday and have not been able to put down since! Even though my 27mth old son has been an absolute angel from eight weeks (before then he was not so angelic but after much research I have discovered it was not him, it was me!), I am finding your book to be easy and invaluable reading, and I will be applying your techniques for my next child whenever we will be blessed with him/her. If only I had known about you before I had Luke..!

Thank you for your book – it has actually made me feel like I could cope with a newborn again.

Kind regards,

Bess M

To the team at Save Our Sleep™ and most of all Tizzie

I am so glad I found out about you and logged onto your website as you have taught us so much about our baby. Thank you for making our journey into babyhood a happy and smooth one for both us and our baby daughter.

We purchased your self settling without a dummy and routine for my then 16 week old baby who was waking during the night for the dummy (8 times one night!) and only catnapping during the day. Consequently she was unhappy and grizzly (and so was I) for most of the day because she was overtired. We can now say at 22 weeks she sleeps from 7pm to 7am without her dummy or a night feed and sleeps for 1-2 hours 2/3 times a day for her naps. She loves her routine and we are able to ‘read’ our baby so much better. I have no doubts that had we tried to continue without your help I and my baby would have spent many days and nights in frustrated tears. Thank you again!


Victoria S

Dear Tizzie,

I just wanted to write you a letter and say thank you again!

What a difference you have made to our life! God has used you and your great skills to answer our many prayers.

I can’t tell you how much better life is and how wonderful it is to finally enjoy our daughter and know that she is getting enough sleep to grow up healthy.

She is just such a different girl – the exact opposite of how she used to be. Everyone can see it.

I can’t believe that after all that time at two sleep schools and reading every book, trying all the medications, paying so much for professional nurses and midwifes to come help me as I wasn’t coping (so much work and investigating and heartache) that your routine and settling techniques would WORK (when nothing else had) and be so quick and easy! I just wish I had found you sooner.

The email support is such a clever idea, it is so much better than a book or even a home visit. I find it very convenient, so helpful and affordable. Whenever I meet anyone that is having issues with their baby I tell them to go straight to your website and to not even bother with sleep schools etc.

You have taken away so much heartache, stress, sleep deprivation, feelings of loss and anxiety, depression, hopelessness and you have given us back so much.

Not only does my daughter not scream all day and night but now:

– we all get sleep (she sleeps more now than when she was first born)

– time to myself

– time with my husband

– a chance to cook dinner!

– I know when she is sick

– She is happy and playful all day

– I can leave her with others

– We can go out and away

– I can enjoy life

This is what I expected life to be like with a baby, not like it was before!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Praise God for you Tizzie.

Much love,

Carolyn D


I would just like to send you a quick note of appreciation (I am sure you get hundreds of these).

Since putting my son on your routine one month ago and taking his dummy away, he has been sleeping a solid 12 hours at night, without even a murmur… It is nearly to incredible to believe.

Thank you so much and I would highly recommend your methods to everyone.

Kind regards,


Very Satisfied Customer

February 2003

This reference is for Tizzie Hall, who was recommended to us through friends that also have six-month-old twins. We originally sought Tizzie’s help and advice, as our twins were still being wrapped and both used dummies. As they were beginning to start rolling it became increasingly dangerous for them to be wrapped. We were also attending to them throughout the night to replace dummies.

After some unsuccessful attempts at removing their wraps and dummies – as you can imagine, it’s all the more difficult to make changes with twins – we employed Tizzie to help with the transition. Tizzie stayed with us for two nights. We were successful in removing the wraps and dummies from both children, with minimal anguish for both them and us.

Tizzie’s continued advice and support over the past few weeks has been invaluable. We’ve been able to phone her at various periods of doubt and she has been reassuring and knowledgeable regarding the twins’ sleeping habits. We are enjoying each other’s company much more. The twins are now sleeping through from 7:30pm to 6:00am, with no wraps and dummies.

We would like to thank Tizzie for all her help and advice.



Victoria, Australia

February 2003

We met Tizzie when Zoe was 3 months old. We’d been having some problems with colic earlier on and Tizzie’s short, succinct explanation and conclusions regarding colic were enough to make me pick up her card again almost 3 months later.

We called her in sheer desperation, fearing we’d tried anything. Being, admittedly, first time parents but with a great deal of common-sense between us, we couldn’t get Zoe to sleep through the night and I was beside myself. Tizzie arrived the same day I called her and, through my grey sleepless scepticism, immediately put us at ease. I suddenly thought, this lady will fix it. Without giving away her secrets and nor would I recommend any of the routines Tizzie puts into place without her there, it really works.

Even if Zoe doesn’t sleep from 7pm when we put here down until 7.00am, we are now armed with the knowledge to work through it. What I find so astounding is why this is not compulsory knowledge for anyone having a baby, as, inevitably, sleep problems arise as the child becomes aware of his/her surroundings.

I fully recommend Tizzie to anyone, and feel desperately sorry for some of the woman I know who are going through what I have and thinking they’ll just have to live with it. It’s not true, you don’t. If only there were a few more Tizzies to go around


Victoria, Australia

March 2003

Hi Tizzie,

Thanks for meeting me at the Prahran pool and giving me the reference letters last week. Your words of advice were invaluable and we’ve had our daughter sleeping all night since! I got tougher the next morning and made sure she had a sleep, so that really seemed to help her at nights.

I will hang onto your details in case all goes haywire again.

I hope I run into you at the pool again as I’d love to at least shout you a coffee to show my appreciation.

Kind regards,


Victoria, Australia

August 2002

Dear Tizzie,

We just wanted to thank you so much again for all your help with our son. We really were at the end of our tether when I spoke to you. Our son has never been a great sleeper; even as a tiny baby, we had to walk him around in a carrier to try until about 10.30pm. This developed into having to rock him in our arms, or lie down next to him to get him to sleep.

It was his first birthday the week we spoke to you, and as I’m 6 months pregnant, we felt we had to do something as we were all so exhausted! He was even starting to not settle during the day, so I would have to drive him in the car to get him off to sleep which meant that I was getting no rest.

Our Health Visitor advised sitting in his room until he settled, but not hold him. It was hopeless, as he sobbed for almost 2 hours and it seemed to be torture for him to have us there and not picking him up. We also tried “controlled crying”, but this didn’t work either, and we couldn’t bear to see him so upset.

The Health Visitor said we could attend a talk in 10 weeks time, but we couldn’t see how we could go on that long! A friend of a friend gave me your mobile number saying you had sorted out her baby’s sleep in 2 nights. It was your Australian mobile number, and I’m so sorry to have troubled you at that distance, but I have to say all your advice over the telephone was correct, virtually to the minute!

Our son cried for 45 minutes on the first night, then slept through. He cried for 5 minutes when I put him down to sleep the following morning, and 15 minutes when I put him to bed the second night. Since then, we’ve barely had a grumble, and he has been sleeping through the night for a week now. He also got another tooth through today, which has woken him in the night before, but we didn’t hear anything last night. He’s sleeping for much longer during the day too and seems much happier for it.

We are SO grateful for all your advice. I was amazed that just talking it through with someone could have such a dramatic effect so quickly. Any advice on how to get No. 2 settled at an early age would be gratefully received! Please also let us know if you ever decide to write a book, as it would be a great gift for friends expecting their first baby. Best of luck for the future, and many thanks again.

Kind regards,

J. & M.

London, UK

August 2002

Tizzie Hall arrived at my house just before Christmas 2001. I had not slept properly in over a year. From the age of 6 months, my son had slept no longer than four hours at one time. The transfer from crib to cot had a detrimental impact on his sleep! He was eighteen months old at the time, so quite a tough case for Tizzie to take on.

I found Tizzie to be very professional, understanding and thorough. I felt confident she would find a way of helping my son to sleep. I found her a wonderful support and right from our first meeting she swiftly moved into action, deciphering just what was going on with my son’s sleep scenario.

Tizzie explored a whole host of issues, ranging from food, sleep routine, bedroom environment to getting my son immediately out of the offending cot and placing him in a travel cot. By night two she had worked out exactly how and why my son was keeping himself awake. By night three he was sleeping through the night.

At all times I felt at ease with her helping my son to sleep and it was bliss not having to get out of bed during the night, whilst Tizzie dealt with his wakings. I trusted her completely in our house and with her incredible knowledge of child behaviour.

Tizzie still keeps in touch now and I owe it to her for revolutionising our lives. I got the best ever Christmas present – “a night’s sleep”!

Yours faithfully,


London, UK