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WAY TO GO OLLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all:

We are having a ball we are in Bridgend Wales with Donna a friend of mine from uni days. Donna has Poppy 6months older than Darragh and Ollie 5 months older than Cillian.

Poor Donna and Ollie have not had a a full nights sleep in 6 months since Ollie started sleeping in night time sleep cycles and also the nights got colder. I am so cross Donna was following the bedding guide in a well know baby store catalogue, a store are parents used so she thought the advice was good advice and they said it was the FIDS advice, well Ollie was sleeping on his tummy and waking during the night. Well I went out yesterday and bought Ollie all cotton bedding and put him in Cillians sleeping bag and guess what he slept over 13 hours!! So so Sad all the poor freezing babies out there and he also stayed on his back all night WAY TO GO OLLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

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