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Meet Tizzie Hall, International Baby Expert By Penny Johnston (Penny Johnston is the presenter of Babytalk)

Some people just have a knack with babies. Tizzie Hall is one of those people that just loves babies and they love her back (it seems they just adore someone who knows what they’re doing!) She’s worked with hundreds of families around the world helping babies get to sleep and their parents get their lives back together. Tizzie’s personal story is remarkable and if you’re a new parent she’s on a mission to save your sleep!

Advice, books, routines and interfering family can be too much for many new parents however if you can get your head around it they can all be life savers especially if your baby seems to know more about parenting than you do. If you think you need some parenting advice you will definitely want to meet Tizzie Hall, international baby expert. Tizzie has worked with families around the world helping them make sense of their baby and giving them the skills needed to care for a newborn. Tizzie Hall probably wouldn’t have been interested in babies if her family hadn’t been rocked by a tragedy. Her yearning for a baby brother or sister led her to a career spent caring for children before she had her own two lovely boys.

Tizzie’s career has been spent educating those of us who haven’t grown up around babies about how to care for them. Part big sister, part professor of pediatrics and part confident bossy mum Tizzie has written the books ‘Save our Sleep’ and ‘Save our Sleep Toddlers’ she is passionate about giving babies the very best start in life and unfailing in her support of child safety and parental education.

Mother of two beautiful boys, Tizzie now finds herself in charge of a business dedicated to babies “Save our Sleep” She says quite simply “Our aim is to give parents the confidence to raise happy and contented babies and children.”

This week on Babytalk, meet Tizzie Hall an International Baby-whisperer and discover what she thinks are the most common problems new parents face when they’re finally left home alone with their brand new baby.

Listen to Tizzie and Penny here

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