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Ireland here I come….

It’s just over a week before I head home to promote the release of the UK/ Irish version of my toddler book.

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Thank you to Practical Parenting UK and Vermillion for including a covermount – three chapters – of my book with the magazine this month. I firmly believe the covermount is helping parents and parents-to-be in the Ireland and the UK to understand my approach and how my book and advice can help them lovingly teach their babies the very important skill of sleep. The magazine is selling fast so make sure you grab a copy now.

Book Tour

The boys and I are arriving in Ireland on the 17th of May for the release of the Irish/UK edition of my toddler book. My toddler book will now be available both in Australian English and UK English. The books are identical in advice: it’s just the terminology that is adapted for each target audience.
The Irish/UK version of my toddler book is now available in all good book stores NOW including my websites.

We’ll also be travelling to Italy to help promote the release of the Italian version of my baby book. My baby book is soon available in six different languages – Australian English, UK English, Mandarin, Estonian and Italian! And later in the year the baby book will be released in Brazil.


Ireland AM Interviews
I will again be a guest of Ireland AM helping parents get their babies and toddlers safely and soundly sleeping through the night, every night.

To keep up-to-date with my scheduled appreances, join my facebook page. If you need advice in the meantime click on the links below to watch my 2010 series of Ireland AM interviews.

Early Rising

Tizzie on Demand Feeding

Tizzie & Breastfeeding Expert Talking About Demand Feeding

Tizzie Talking About New Book

Tizzie On Catnapping

Tizzie Hall On Controlled Crying

Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

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