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S1 Episode 1: The Connection between Sleep Deprivation and Mental Health

In this episode we aim to discuss mental wellbeing and, in particular, its connection to lack of sleep.

What we really end up discussing is – Tizzie plans a holiday on a potentially mice-infested house-boat, our pregnancy experiences (23 between the 2 of us!), expressing, “dirty” and “clean” babies, mothers of premature/unwell babies provided different information to mothers of full-term/healthy babies, how it felt being “Tizzie Hall” as a new mum at the hospital and the taboo topic of formula or mixed feeding.

This week’s question is from Grace  “How did you create the bedding guide?

At 9:30 minutes Tizzie discusses her books, please visit here to view a clip of Tizzie discussing the different book covers of the 1st book in the Save Our Sleep series.

At 25.20 minutes Tizzie says “especially having had COVID” Tizzie means COVID in our society Tizzie has not had COVID yet.

At 32:30 minutes Tizzie questions the connection between formula given in the 1st 24 hours  and children not having allergies, we’d love to get someone on the show that knows more about this or can look into it for us.

If anything in this episode has triggered anything for you around mental health we strongly recommend you contact your child’s health nurse or your GP.

All clients’ readers and friends mentioned in this podcast and video have given permission for their names to be used.

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