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(Big Bed) Season 2 Episode 15 Moving to a Big Bed!

In this episode Kylie and Tizzie talk about moving your toddler out of the cot into the big bed.

Bianca Downham suggested the topic of moving a toddler from a cot to a bed.

Points covered include:

  • What age should the big move happen.
  • Will manufacturing be coming back to Australia?
  • What bedding should you use in the big bed?
  • Do not take the cot out of the bedroom when you first move your toddler to a big bed.
  • What if baby two is on the way.
  • Why would a toddler be climbing out of the cot.
  • What you should do about a toddler getting out and coming to your room at night.
  • How to stop co-sleeping after 5 years of it.
  • It is very important to get a well fitted bed rail however we don’t think you need one.
  • When to introduce a pillow.

Listeners questions: Amanda Adele would like to know more about the 9 month routine and why the milk feeds are halved in the middle of the day.

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