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S1 Episode 5: Baby-Talk – How to communicate with your baby!

In this episode we aim to discuss how to communicate with your baby.

What we really end up discussing is – Happy Mothers Day! An update on Ron (FIL)’s health, a mothers day following the Giro d’Italia. I’d love to come to a birth! Zoe diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. How not to talk to your baby. Introducing a new baby to siblings/pets. How forward-facing pushchairs increase the stress levels in infants and might also delay speech along with face masks. Including Daddy with baby care from the start.

Listener’s question from Courtney – What to do for oversupply issues when the routines say to express so much? I have had mastitis and multiple blocked milk ducts…?

Mirror recognition at around 18 months: link

If anything in this episode has triggered anything for you around mental health we strongly recommend you contact your child’s health nurse or your GP.

All clients’ readers and friends mentioned in this podcast have given permission for their names to be used.

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