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Season 1, Episode 13 – Lets talk catnapping!

In the episode we aim to start discussing chapter 9, solving sleep problems.

What we really end up discussing is Otto, one of Zoe’s 4 year old’s insecurity going to kinder. We chat about how running to baby number 2 or 3 in Zoe’s case can cause sleep problems for the new baby. Is there a connection between video monitors and poor sleep in both adults and infants?

We chat catnapping, sleep regressions and how catnapping in the early days may lead to night time catnapping in older babies and toddlers.

Listeners question: Melissa –  Mellisa asks about fore milk and hindmilk and if expressing in the morning will mean her baby only gets foremilk.  

If anything in this episode has triggered anything for you around mental health we strongly recommend you contact your child’s health nurse or your GP.

All clients’ readers & friends mentioned in this podcast & video have given permission for their names to be used.

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