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(Toy in cot) Season 2 Episode 2 – What’s the deal with comforters and why can’t my baby sleep with a toy?

Welcome to Mid-week Craic with Tizzie Hall and Kylie Szabo.

Today’s episode  we talk comforters!

Taking a toy vs taking a comforter to bed.

Safe and unsafe comforter heads

Did you know the Save Our Sleep comforters have a nipple at the end of each foot?

How to react when your 10 month old or older baby/toddler throws the comforter out of the cot.

How comforters change and it is good to have some on rotation not just two. If you lose one you are down to one it is too late at that point to add a new one.

+ loads more Tizzie’s comforter tip around immunizations.

Topic suggested by Heidi Elliott: For a 2 yo toddler at bedtime a while back she has been so clingy to a particular toy and rather than face a meltdown we have let her take it to bed… And now it’s become sort of a habit she expects to pick a different toy each night to sleep with along with her froggies… Is this an issue? She is still sleeping well but should we do something about it and if so how do we break this habit?

All clients’ readers & friends mentioned in this podcast & video have given permission for their names to be used.

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