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(Out and about) Season 2 Episode 7 Tips for getting out and about in a routine.

In this episode , Kylie and Tizzie offer some help and tips for getting out and about on a routine.  Some pints covered are:

  • What times a re the best times to go out .
  •  When Nathan and Paul didn’t have Darragh’s sleep bag and he couldn’t settle.
  • Get a pram with a carrycot and use the Save Our Sleep pillow case as a fitted sheet. Video link to go with Podcast
  • How to settle and resettle in or after taking a baby out of a car seat.
  • Full sleeps in a car seat are not safe.
  • Big screen time is needed.
  • How to get to a friend’s house and how to sleep your baby there.
  • Is covering your pram safe?
  • If baby misses a sleep while out and about.
  • When to do swimming lessons.
  • How to stay out after 7 pm.

Listeners question Maya O’Neil asks about feeding her baby to sleep and the fact her baby will not feed when she wakes up.

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