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Tizzie shares her thoughts on stage 2 formula

Toddler milks have been in the news this week with one Paediatrician from the Royal Children’s Hospital saying they’re unnecessary and could be harmful.

Evidence suggests toddler or transition milks are unnecessary at best and harmful at worst.

Anthea Rhodes, a paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, says parents are being tricked into thinking their toddlers need the products.

“They are being hoodwinked. They’re being misled and they’re being fooled into purchasing products that they don’t need for their kid.” 

Deakin University nutrition researcher Jennifer McCann says the toddler milk category has been booming over the past two decades.

“We found that probably about 30 per cent of toddlers are having toddler milk on a regular basis in Australia,” she said.

Despite its growing popularity, public health authorities including the World Health Organization (WHO) do not recommend toddler milk. 

According to Dr McCann’s research, they contain twice the carbohydrates and sugars compared to cow’s milk — and the sugars are added and refined. 

What Tizzie thinks of toddler milks

This is exactly what I have said for many years now too, it is great to see other experts are speaking out against it.

I often find parents move a happy settled contented baby onto step two infant formula not realising the problems they are about to face. My advice is to stay on step 1 until at least 14 months regardless of the brand you are using.

Stepped formulas

Many of the formulas described in my book are also subdivided into two or three ‘steps’ or ‘stages’ according to the baby’s age. Basically, each step is the same base formula with additional ingredients added for different stages of a baby’s development.

•    Step one also known as stage one or starter formula: is for newborns to six or twelve months, depending on the brand.

•    Step two also known as stage two, progress and follow-on milk: this is marketed as a formula for babies aged six months and older as it contains more iron and protein than step one formula.

•    Step three also known as stage three and toddler milk: developed for toddlers aged twelve months or older. It contains supplemental vitamins and minerals.

In my experience it’s best to buy only a step one formula in Australia, regardless of your baby or toddler’s age.

Recently I have become aware of problems when babies are introduced to step two formulas. I have many clients contact me when their six-and-a-half month old, previously contented baby suddenly starts catnapping, early-rising and night-waking and, in some cases, vomiting.

After careful consideration and ruling out many things I have found the one thing that most of these babies have in common is they have been started on step two formulas.

After advising parents to move back to the step one formula the babies have returned to their happy, settled and well-rested selves again.

If you are following my advice for feeding solids, your baby will obtain enough protein and iron from his food so there is no nutritional benefit to be gained from switching to a step two formula.

I have seen very similar problems when parents try to introduce their twelve-month-old baby to cow’s milk or step three formula, which contains large amounts of sugar. While this problem does not affect all babies, my advice is to keep your baby on step one formula from birth through toddlerhood until he is ready to drink A2 cow’s milk.

Hypo-allergenic/partially hydrolysed formulas

If your baby has reflux or a dairy intolerance, his GP may recommend you switch to a partially hydrolysed formula as they are easier to digest.

This formula is commonly used for newborns who will be mainly drinking formula milk or who need formula top-ups. Partially hydrolysed formulas may also help prevent food allergies, with the exception of cow’s milk allergy.

But I do not recommend you give your baby this type of formula unless a health professional has advised it or you have ruled out other types of formula. I find babies do not seem to fill up on this type of formula, which leads to sleep and settling problems because they are still hungry.

If your baby is going to be formula fed, my advice is to use A2. I stock A2 formula in my online store at an affordable price for my clients, readers and friends. If you are interested in purchasing  please email us

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