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Happy Autumn! Time to check your baby’s room temperature

Happy Autumn! It’s such a pretty time of year as we watch the leaves change colour and fall from the trees.

It’s also an important time to remember to check your little ones bedding is warm enough and also the temperature of their room as the weather changes.

Make sure your baby’s room is ready before it gets too cold so you don’t have any early rising or unsafe tummy sleeping. 

I believe you should keep your baby’s room at a comfortable temperature all night. I suggest having your baby’s room cooled to 20 degrees Celsius in summer (if you are using air conditioning), or warmed to 18—20 degrees Celsius in winter. These temperatures depend on where you live, so please check the Save Our Sleep® Safe Bedding Guide for location-specific information.

If you do not have hydronic heating, I suggest you use an oil-filled column heater or wall panel heater. I do not advise using ducted heating in your baby’s room due to the dust it blows around.

You can use a thermometer placed in your baby’s room, placed on a stool or a shelf at mattress height near the cot or crib but safely out of reach from your baby or toddler.

If you have tried several thermometers and they all give a different reading, I suggest you
choose one thermometer and stick with it. There can be variances between brands that are leading to your confusion. Choose one, and get rid of the others. Then you know you are warming the room to a consistent temperature.

*Please note you should always have an active smoke alarm fitted in your babies bedroom.

To read more about creating the perfect sleep environment for your baby download your copy of the Save Our Sleep® Safe Bedding Guide here.

Did you know we have a great way to help you keep your baby’s room at that perfect temperature all winter?

How to safely use your thermometer

I always recommend that you remove the thermometer from the cot before putting your baby into their cot for a sleep.

Place your flower thermometer into your baby’s cot during his or her awake/up time so that you have an accurate temperature reading when you are about to put your baby down for a sleep. Then you should remove the thermometer before putting your baby in the cot. This habit will help reduce the risk of accidentally leaving the thermometer in the cot with your baby.

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