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Why Tizzie LOVES lazy parenting

Lazy parenting. Lazy parenting is about intentionally providing your child with opportunities to develop a sense of self-efficacy, which in turn will bolster confidence, independence, and responsibility.

It’s about mindfully stepping back to allow your child to struggle on their own for a minute rather than rushing in and rescuing.

Take a moment to step back and take in what your children are doing. Just watch without interferring or feeling like you need to take control.

Let your children learn to play and reach for toys themselves and figure the world out their own way.

You will catch some really sweet moments of them learning how different things work and the look of shock and excitement on their face when they do something on their own.

It’s also surprisingly important to let children fight and argue among themselves and learn to work out how to solve problems. Those little playground rough and tumbles help set them up to better face life situations.

We often feel as adults that we have to step in and interfere quickly when there is a problem or a little scrape or fall. We really shouldn’t.

These are all very important learning moments that will help mould our children for the future.

Listen to Tizzie’s podcast on lazy parenting here – Lazy parenting – How it benefits our children

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