Channel 10 News report

Channel 10 News report

Channel 10 news report Hi All, here is the interview from Channel 10 Brisbane News regarding my advice around keeping babies warm enough in bed. When you watch the link please be aware that I actually made it clear that I agree with everything SIDS say about over heating being a factor in SIDS but

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Toddler walking!

How to put your baby to bed!

The Holding Technique For No!

My advice on safety!

More on the 1pm sleep and Mummy time

Sleep deprivation can affect a child's mood, behaviour and academic performance, writes Paula Goodyer.

I was sent this article to read by a client, I thought I would share it with you. Sleep deprivation can affect a child’s mood, behaviour and academic performance, writes Paula Goodyer. What’s the difference between a child who’s overtired and one with a behaviour disorder? Not a lot, says sleep specialist Dr Chris Seton,

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1 pm sleep time otherwise known as Mummy time!

Click here to see mummy time! Hi Kate: You asked me if I could tell you what my boy’s routine looked like so here it is. It is pretty much the same as the sample routine for a baby and toddler on page 143 of the fully revised and updated Save Our Sleep® book or

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Brotherly and comforter love!!

Darragh and Cillian look like they are going to share their love for comforters! Read my advice on comforter’s here!

Cillian, 7 weeks and 4 days old!

Cillian went to bed tonight in his Bubbaroo safe sleeping bag for the first time. A baby seems to get colder when they reach 8 weeks and Cillian will be 8 weeks on Friday so I popped him in his safe sleeping bag tonight. Of course he is still wrapped in his Doublewrap around it

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