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Growth spurts while following my routines

I can’t state strongly enough how important it is for a breast-feeding mother to follow my advice on expressing. If you want to have your baby on my routines and breast-feed successfully, you will need to follow the expressing times I have stated in my baby routines. The expressed milk should be kept and given at the 6:00pm feed or stored in the deep freeze for a later date.

If you look carefully at my breast-feeding routines you will see the week before a growth spurt you express more at my expressing times than the weeks your baby may be having a growth spurt. This means there is more milk in your breasts during the week your baby is having a growth spurt because your breasts have become accustomed to making more milk. Your baby will drink this extra milk during the growth spurt.

If you are bottle feeding you will not have to worry about growth spurts if you are following my baby routines and feeding your baby until he is full.

Tip: In my routines if I tell you to feed your baby for 25 minutes but you are sure your baby has emptied your breast sooner, then you should move your baby onto the next breast.

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