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Why Baby Routines?

I believe my baby routines are very important in helping parents to interpret their baby’s cries. They teach parents to understand the difference between their baby’s various cries. When following a baby routine, you will start to recognise your baby’s hungry, tired or bored cries. When your baby starts to cry, you will be able to look at the baby routine and see what is due next. If your baby is due a feed, you will start to recognise that cry as a hungry cry. If your baby is due to have a sleep, you will learn that cry as a tired cry.

At first the idea of a baby routine can be quite scary. You will think if you have to spend the day clock watching, how will you relax or get on with everyday jobs. What happens if you have an older child, with a school run to do each day? Don’t worry, it is possible. Not everyone’s baby or life is the same, so sometimes baby routines need careful adjusting to suit your circumstances. If you find this to be your case, then try to follow my basic rules and adjust the routines to suit your circumstances better.

The feedback I get from parents following my baby routines is that it makes their lives easier. Through following my baby routines you are able to plan things such as doctor’s appointments more easily, because you know what your baby will be doing at each stage of the day. If you have older children, they will also gain advantages from your younger baby having a routine, as you will be able to plan activities with your older children, as all the guesswork of what your baby may be doing at what time, is taken out of your day. The best part of these routines is knowing you will have time for yourself and your partner in the evening. The general feeling I get from parents who are not following a daily baby routine, is that this is often their hardest part of the day.

My routines also help babies to feel safe and secure. Your baby will know that his needs are being met and he has no need to cry. As a result you will end up with a very happy contented baby.

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