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Hi Everyone:

Welcome to my new Blog.  

Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

2 Responses

  1. Hi Tizzie,

    I have been reading your book as we are expecting our first baby on Dec 30th. However, I am just a little confused regarding the expressing of milk during the routines. With the 6pm feeds, i am hoping to feed my baby expressed milk. HOwever, the day before you have recommended expressing 30mls at 6.50 and then 9.40 a further 60ml. Should they be expressed into the same bottle and then fed at 6pm so our baby only gets to drink 90mls.
    YOur assistance is greatly appreciated,

  2. Hi Jaq and welcome to Save Our Sleep®.

    The best way to ask questions about your baby and or establishing and following my routines is to subscribe to the Save Our Sleep® Online advice service. However I am happy to give you some guidance in this instance. In the very early days babies will not drink a huge amount as they have tiny little tummies and need feeding regularly. The amounts you express during the day at the 6.40 am and 9.40 am express may be enough but you will notice there is also an expressing session in the evening as well. If you are going to feed a bottle of expressed milk at 6 pm you will need to express 30mls from each breast at 8 pm rather than the routine 9 pm expressing session (this is explained in the routine for breastfed babies aged 1-2 weeks) This milk can be stored in the fridge to add to the next mornings expressing or you can do what a lot of my clients do and freeze each days expressed milk in the freezer. A good way to do this is in a product such as Qubies® or simply in ice cube trays. This way you will know exactly how much milk is in each cube e.g 30mls or 40mls depending on the product. Once you have a feel for how much your baby is going to drink you can thaw out that amount for the 6 pm feed each night? Please remember though it is very important that you always feed your baby until they are full so it is best to thaw out slightly more than you expect your baby to drink. If you prefer you can store the breast milk in the fridge, I talk about storage of breastmilk on page 31 of my revised book.

    Here is a little information for you to consider our online advice service. The Save Our Sleep® Online Advice service offers a friendly, supportive online community where parents, Tizzie and the Save Our Sleep® team help parents. You can chat to other parents, carers and friends who have similar parenting styles, and ask your questions there. You may find your question is already covered in previous threads.

    This community of like-minded people willingly shares their experiences, advice and support with new members. Some of these parents have had previous one-on-one consultations with myself and the Save Our Sleep® team, so are very helpful to new parents using the routines to establish them successfully. The Save Our Sleep® moderating team regularly checks the threads and clarifies any questions not fully or correctly answered where necessary. Members can alert the moderators via the ‘Contact an SOS Moderator’ thread if they feel a question has been overlooked or if they have tried following the advice but are still experiencing problems. If this is the case either I or one of my team will step in and direct you further.

    We charge a yearly fee to register on our online advice area, to take up this offer please click here. There are two levels of online advice membership available. One is a full membership which allows you to post your questions and seek answers for your own individual situation, the other is a ‘read only’ membership which will provide you will full access to the online advice area but you will only be permitted to read the posts, you are unable to post any questions of your own. If you purchase a ‘read only’ membership you can upgrade this to a full membership at a later date should you wish too. Once we have received your payment we will activate your membership.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

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