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Perfect Tizzie Boys!!!

Last Sunday we had our first trip out with both boys at sleep time. We went to an engagement party BBQ lunch at the Geelong yacht club! At 12.45 I popped both boys in the new double-buggy which neither of them had slept in yet and as you can see from the picture they were both perfect Tizzie sleepers!

Picture 335

Of course Darragh had his safe sleeping bag on his blankets from his cot and his lamb comforters which he has named Baaaaa! Cillian was in his DOUBLEWRAP and under his purebaby red blanket. He also had brandy his comforter but he isn’t in love with him yet but I am sure he will be soon enough. I believe having the bedding they are used to having at home really helps out and about sleeps.

Some of you may notice Darragh now has a Save Our Sleep® Baaaaa as well as the babygund ones and he doesn’t seem to mind the little differences.

Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

7 Responses

  1. Hi Tizzie,

    Is that a Maclaren? Do you think a newborn and a 3 year old would need a double buggy, or will the 3 year old be happy on her feet?! LOL..

    Did Darragh fall asleep straightaway or did it take him a little longer to fall asleep because of the new pram? How cute is he! I love the way he always has the comforter in his mouth. He looks every bit the big brother next to Cillian.

    Btw, what is that white cloth you have under Cillian’s head?

    Hope you’re doing well! x

  2. Tizzie that is adorable. I only wish Elyssa would still sleep in the pram. We have tried everything. She may just be like her mother and like her bed.

  3. Hi Tizzie,

    What does Darragh do between his light sleeping mode? I find that when Hannah nears the 1hr mark, we really need to rock her in the pram.

    You make me brave to try for a 3rd (but not yet)… SO cute

  4. Hi Lynn:

    Yes it is a maclaren, it is personal choice if you want a buggy for your 3 year old, you might find a buggy board that connects to the back of a single one works well for when she gets tired. Darragh did fall asleep pretty fast and there was about 80 people there so he did well. The sheet under Cillian’s head is a Bamboo cot sheet I fold it up and lay them on them so they are not sleeping on the buggy seat.

    Hi Jenn: Have you tried using the bedding from home I find that works well.

    Hi Maysaa:

    You are so lucking having the option to go for a 3rd. I wish I could have ten but I am blessed to have my two miracles. In the buggy between sleep cycles he wakes up looks for me and then sucks his baaaa’s feet and resettles.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  5. Tizzie that is great he goes back to sleep, despite my girls both being on fantastic routines neither slept any longer than 45mins in the stroller after the age of 3/4months.

    Lynn i bought a double stroller when my youngest was 4months and my oldest 2.5yrs and i only had it for 6months as after that when my oldest was 3yrs old she didn’t want to sit in the stroller anymore so i sold it and got a skateboard for my single stroller. If your 3yr old is no longer napping or won’t nap in the stroller my opinion would be to just get a skateboard.

  6. Hi Natasha,

    Thanks for that! Now I don’t feel so bad changing prams.

    My girl is 17.5 months and she is abit too tall for the Quinny. We’ve used the Quinny from when she was a newborn (bassinet) to the regular seat and even putting in the toddler seat now, her head is still right at the top of the pram, hitting the sun canopy. She had started taking longer to settle for her pram sleep too.

    So, we test drove others and ordered a Mountain Buggy. Everyone kept telling me to get a Phil & Teds for when we have our 2nd one, but I have defied that!

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