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How to put your baby to bed!

106 Responses

  1. Hi Tizzie, just love all the tips and esp your book. It makes not only for confident mums, but also confident Grand parents like me. Toby is a dream to mind and our new little one is just as easy. When I have them together, I know what to do and when. I just love it. When our daughter needed a break and I vollunteered to do the middle of the night feed with expressed brast milk, I sat up and read the chapter on bottle feeding and it all went without a hitch, even the settling afterwards, because I knew waht to do!!! You’re a gem, thanks so much. I recommend your book to so many mums who are struggling and need not! Hope all is going well as you make all the film clips, very sincerely Kym Ivory

  2. Hi Kym:

    Thank you so much for your lovely kind words, I am so happy to hear how much you love my tips. Yes all is going well for me with the film clips and also my young boys!

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  3. Hi Tizzie,

    What brand of cots do you have for Darragh and Cillian? I have read your bedding guides etc and read on the forums that you think that the most expensive cots are not always the safest. We are about to buy cot number 2 and I am keen to get the safest one around



  4. Hi Tizzie,

    I am a Canadian now living in Darwin, Australia. I am so confused as to how to dress my 23 w/old son at night in this hot and humid climate!?
    We use airconditioning in his room and I keep it at 26 or 27 degrees and he sleeps in a thin cotton jumpsuit with the built in booties. He has always been ‘a mover’ and will not sleep if I swaddle or restrict him and he has started waking for 2 times/night. I have suspicions he may be getting cold but it is so easy to ever heat them in this climate.
    Do you have any experience with balancing clothing/ aircon/ high humidity & temperatures? It seems like a math equation!

  5. Hi Jennifer:

    Welcome to Save Our Sleep®, it is very confusing as to what to dress our little ones in, I am from Dublin living in Victoria and it is much colder here when you take the Dublin summer humidity into account. @0 degrees in Dublin seems so much warmer than 20 degrees in Victoria. We have a bedding guide which tells you how to dress your baby depending on where you live and if your house is heated or cooled.

    Hi Nicole:

    Here is a link to my article on cots, this is the cot Darragh is in and the ones we have in the clinic it is the Grotime Lara cot. Cillian is spoilt he is in a beautiful Stokke cot! One end of the market to the other they are both safe and good cots.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    I also live in Darwin and have Tizzie’s safe bedding guide, but i find that my 9 week old gets way too hot.. i think he is the exception! He sleeps in a short sleep body suit and muslin wrap and seems to be fine… i will need to add layers when our dry season comes along but i think he is generally a little hotter than most bubs. His dad is the same.. very hot person rather than cold.

    Hope you are enjoying Darwin!


  7. Hi Sophie:

    Have you checked in your cot to be sure you are not using a mattress protector or you don’t have the plastic side of the mattress next to your baby? But also please remember my guide is a guide and you will need to adjust it.

    Best wishes Tizzie

  8. Hi Tizzie,
    Firstly, Thank you for your wonderful books, they have been such a great resource for me. I actually bought your Toddler book to give to a friend as a gift (then had to buy my own copy!!). Before I gave it to her I thought I would have a quick look through, thinking it wasn’t quite relevent for me yet as my son is 10mths. I was reading the section about knowing if your baby is cold, and I could tick all the boxes… sleeps on his tummy, squashed up in the corner of the cot, moving around thru the night etc… I then took steps to follow your sleeping guide… only problem is James will not stay under the blankets. As soon as I put him in bed he squirms and rolls and crawls out from under them!! Do you have any suggestions to combat this??


  9. Hi Katie:

    Thank you for your comment and thank you. Its good to hear you liked the book so much you had to get your own copy. With James not staying under the blankets the first thing I would try is adding two more cotton or bamboo layers of blankets to see if this helps often the extra weight helps a toddler to feel safe and secure. If this doesn’t help I would wait until he is asleep and then go in then to cover him with his blankets rather than tucking him in when you first put him to bed.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  10. Hi Tizzie,
    I have recently purchased your book and the safe sleeping guide to ensure my boy was warm enough at night. I am still not sure so can you please clarify because my questions were not addressed in either purchase. I also looked at the Feb 2010 blog for answers too. I am in Orange NSW (very cold). In regards to a bodysuit does it matter if it is short /long or singlet sleeved? In regards to a babygro does it need to be cotton only? Or is cotton/nylon ok? Does it need to cover hands and feet? Also when i am putting on the blankets in an unwrapped baby do i put them under arms chest height, in the picture it looks like they are up under the chin with the arms under the blankets.

  11. Sorry reading back that sounds very abrupt..not intended. I am just a paranoid first time mother and want to get it right!! Thanks Tizzie!

  12. Hi Shannon:

    Please don’t worry about how your questions come across. This link might help you if your baby is wrapped you need a short sleeved bodysuit but if your baby is not wrapped you will need a long sleeved bodysuit like these .

    Yes the babygro needs to be 100% cotton with no nylon. No it doesn’t need to cover hands and feet because the feet are in a sleeping bag. Yes you try to have your little ones blankets up under his chin but his face and head uncovered.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  13. Hi Tizzie,
    Just wanted to say thank you for giving me back my confidence as a mummy to my two little girls (18 weeks & 3 years) I now have quality time with my husband after 7pm with no interuptions and my girls are so well rested that the time they are awake during the day is simply joyful. Everyone comments on how ‘good’ and ‘well behaved’ my babies are and I know without a doubt that its because I have followed your routines, bedding guide and taken your advice even down to what I dress them in. Every now and then there will be someone who critisises my ‘strict’ routine (not that I consider it so) but thanks to you I am now confident enough not to question the way I am raising my daughters and realise these people dont know what they are missing! Love the video clips too, they have really helped me ‘tweek’ the routine, now I know I’m definately doing everything correctly and I’m so happy. thanks again, Stacey

  14. Hi Stacey:

    Thank you for your comments, I m pleased to hear my routines, advice and the video clips have helped you.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  15. Hi Tizzie,
    First of all, thanks a million for the book, the routine is working a treat. I have moved to Spain and I have your Bedding guide which I am trying to follow here but my 6 month old is a SWEATER (even in the cold), and we’ve no air conditioning so nighttimes are around 28 degree’s. I’ve got him in a cotton sleeveless onesie, with a muslin sleeping bag, no mattress protector, cotton sheets and he has started waking between 4-6am (if he resettles he is awake in 40 mins again, and continues to wake until 7am). I think he sweats then gets cold. Sometimes he’ll move about for two hours, bashing his comforter around until 7 am. I’m at wits end on how to dress him. Do you think I should put a long sleeve on him? But it’s too hot when he goes to bed at 7pm and still at 11pm. Thanks, Natalie.

  16. Hi Natalie:

    Thank you for the thank you, it sounds to me like your little one isn’t warm enough to sleep all night if he is a little sweaty it is okay but if the sweat is pouring off him then you do need to use less bedding.

    At six months he should be in a bodysuit, a babygro(so yes long sleeved and feeted) a one tog safe sleeping bag, a DOUBLEWRAP a sheet folded in two and 2 cotton or bamboo blankets at night. So yes you should have him in long sleeves. When you go to bed you can add the second blanket but from 7 pm just have the one.

    Please try this unless the sweat pours off him, also at 6 months he should be eating chicken or fish twice a day.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  17. Hi Bonnie:

    Congratulations on the birth of your little one. It sounds to me like he is cold in the day so the first thing I would suggest is trying the bedding I recommend in the bedding guide. If you are not using my recommended bedding at night as well yes please try this. What I would do is try the bedding first if this doesn’t work look at things like is he hungry or would the next routine with more up time help.

    If none of the above help please look into my support options.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  18. Hi Tizzie,
    I have recently read your book which i found FANTASTIC! and have suggested it to all my other pregnant freinds but i think i will just start buying it as presents, i really love your swaddling clip as i now am using it for my 3 month old and also your addvice on bedding, i am trying to use your routine but am struggling as my little girl wakes at 7am but can’t hold out until 9 so i swaddle her at as you suggest then she is awake after 30-40min this is happening all through out the day and once she wakes she is wide awake and still very tired but wont go back to sleep until 40-50mins later doesn’t resettle and she has plenty of bedding blankets so i am confused wondering if she is too cold or what could be the problem, would be great if you could give me your suggestion on this matter.
    It’s so funny i leave your book next to my bed so if i can’t get back to sleep in the middle of the night i will read over and over making sure i have read everything twice
    thanks very much Tizzie

  19. Hi Rebecca:

    Thank you for your comment it is great to hear you like my book, also thank you for suggesting my book to your pregnant friends. The time of the sleep really affects the time your baby wakes up, it sounds like you are putting her to bed timed enough to nap but not tired enough to sleep. Please try giving her a little bath of some clothes off time to help her stay awake until 9 am.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  20. Hi Tizzie,

    Thank you for all your advice and caring help! I am from the U.S. and found your website through a forum. I received your book and I am having success with my very stubborn 6 month old. I have been swaddling her for ages now and I have been told by many people that I need to stop because she is too old for it. She is not showing any overt signs of trying to roll over while swaddled. I have tried putting her to bed without the swaddle and she falls asleep quickly, but begins a restless and outright fussy sleep around midnight. When she’s not swaddled I have a terrible time keeping the blankets on her and it just ends up being a long night for Mama and baby.

    My questions are…

    How old is too old to swaddle, and
    once we’re beyond swaddling, how do I keep her under the blankets?

    Thanks again and many blessings to you!

  21. Hi Kate:

    I recommend swaddling right up until your baby is showing signs of being able to roll while swaddled which can be as late as 10-11 months. You can read my full advice on swaddling, how important it is, how long to swaddle for and how to remove the swaddle in my article devoted to swaddling –
    In regards to the bedding one of the main reasons a baby will kick off their bedding and move all over the cot is not because they are too hot like most parents will commonly think but actually because they are too cold. I would encourage you to read my safe bedding guide which details how to dress your baby and what to cover them with at different temperatures and in different climates –
    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  22. Thanks Tizzie!

    I actually have good news! Leonie slept from 7-7 last night and took her naps according to schedule. I finally got all the bedding sorted out (it’s hard to find all cotton baby blankets, sleepers, etc. here…everyone wants polyester fleece). Last night was the first night of having everything on her according to your safe bedding guides and it worked like magic! I have a happy baby today who was much more interested in playing, eating and exploring! Thank you so very much and I will be pointing all of my girlfriend’s with babies to your website. I wish I had this when she was a newborn.

    Blessings to you and thank you a million times over!


  23. Hi Kate:

    Well I can’t say I am surprised but it is great news well done!!

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  24. Hi Tizzie!
    I am also in the quest of getting my 6 month old to sleep throughout the night and follow your routine religiously. Since I started him on solids and he has dinner he tends to sleep better and I have had 2 nights of non stop sleep (miracle).

    I have also purchased a Bubbaroo Heavy weight Joey sleeping bag and I am wondering if I need to put any other bedding on top (e.g light blanket) or do I just put him in bed with the sleeping bag?
    The room temperature is around 18C and he wears a long sleeve organic cotton bodysuit (with a singlet inside) which has the feet covered. I also have him wedged in between a sleep positioner so I have peace of mind he wont turn-do you think I still need that? He does roll and has good neck control but I worry so it is good peace of mind and can be adjusted according to his weight.
    Really keen to get him sleeping the whole night every night and the warmth might be something I need to tweek. I’m in Adelaide by the way (weather wise)
    Thanks Tizzie!!!!

  25. Hi Trin:

    It sounds like you are doing everything as best as you can and yes we are missing something, but it is impossible for me to say what. I would need to know things like has he ever slept, what temp his room is and lots more. From here for me to help you I would suggest you book a consultation with me or join our online advice area.

    Just a couple of tips are please make sure you are feeding him both courses of solids until he is full.

    Also avoid any medications while breastfeeding.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  26. Hi Marina:

    Thank you for your questions. I consider a sleeping bag an extra piece of clothing that you then need to add bedding on top of. I have written a ‘safe bedding guide’ to help parents establish how they should be dressing their babies and what they should be covering them with at different room temperatures and in different climates. It is important to note that I only recommend 100% cotton or bamboo bedding. I recommend that a babies room not be any colder than 20 degrees but this is all explained in the guide. Here is the link to the guide for you – I would also like to point out that I don’t recommend any sort of movement restricting device be used in a babies cot. I am sure the bedding guide will help you but if you feel you need further advice and support then please consider the online advice area or booking a consultation.
    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  27. Hi TIzzie,

    You are truly amazing!!! I just keep reading your book over and over just in case i have missed something…(i actually could recite passages from your book!) HEHE! My son Cam is 13 weeks old, we live in Cairns 30 degrees in his room all nite and terrible humidity through the day. My prob is i CANNOT get him to sleep 2 or more sleep cycles through the day, 30 mins and he’s up wide awake! He is a REALLY sweaty baby so i know he can’t be cold. I watched your clip from 2007 and you said keep them up long enough to sleep (not just nap) He could easily stay up happily for 3 hrs and still not sleep longer. My issue is that he did have a dummy (as he was in the special baby unit and they gave him one!) I think he needs that aide to help him get back to sleep but i DON”T want him to have it. How long is too long to let him cry to get back into the next sleep cycle? I’ve read your advice on how long to wait with the protesting cry but this is a real cry. I know it’s because he’s been aided to sleep in the past with the dummy. Please tell me “realistically” how many days it will take him to get out of this habit if i let him cry. It really makes me upset and i feel so sorry for him that he now has to get out of the habit. Any advice would be wonderful???? Thank you:)

  28. Hi Emma:

    Thank you for your nice comments about my book I am pleased you like it. With Cam’s sleep it might be his bedding for example if you have a mattress protector other then the brand I endorse he might be sweating. I would advise you to have a look at my bedding guide and be sure you are following it for your area.

    I would not let him cry until you are sure you have the bedding correct and then only let him have a yell if he is not crying an emotional cry. You need to rule out things like hunger and coldness before you let him try and resettle.

    If all his needs are met then he will learn to sleep in 48 hours but if you can afford it please join the advice area so we can be sure his needs are met before you try and teach him to sleep.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  29. Hi so many people have asked about these blankets here are the links:

    The sheets are

    The 1st blanket is the little bamboo cotton cellular blanket in white

    The 2nd blanket is the little bamboo bamboo blanket in white

    The 3rd one is the Purebaby red blanket: but it comes in a few colours.

  30. Hi Anita:

    It sounds like you have made some great progress with Shea, Well Done!
    Tizzie recommends tucking blankets in firmly with little babies but once babies are starting to move more in the cot Tizzie recommends just laying the blankets overtop of your baby as Tizzie worries if your baby can roll to his tummy and the blankets are tucked in it makes it more difficult for your baby to lift his head and he may end up face down in the mattress increasing the risk of a sleeping accident.
    One of the main reasons babies start to move and kick in the cot is because they are cold and it is the only way they can warm up. If not already we would recommend that you read and follow TIzzie’s safe bedding guide to ensure you are using the correct amount of bedding on your baby so he can sleep well.
    Early waking between 4am and 6am is often due to your baby being cold as this is the coldest part of the night.
    In regards to the routine this is the most important part of following TIzzie’s advice so we would encourage you to be following the routine strictly along with the bedding advice. I am sure once you can make sure your baby is warm enough you will find he will sleep closer to 7am and sleep his full sleeps during the day making it easier to follow the routine times.
    If you are looking for further advice and support in following Tizzie’s routine we recommend you consider joining our online advice area.

    Save Our Sleep

  31. Hi Anna:

    It is so good to hear from you I was thinking about you wondering if your sleep had improved. What a shame we only met at this years baby show and we might have been able to cut out the endless screaming it sounds like you had to live through but the good news is we did meet and you have followed my advice and things have improved.

    Well done for sticking with the breastfeeding you have given Elikah a great start by managing to stick with it and I agree with what you were saying at the baby show about wanting to keep the breastfeeding up.

    I am so happy for you that the bedding helped, I really am confident now that we have Elikah sleeping correctly we will be able to improve her weight gain.

    I will answer your questions below.

    1 – I have just watched the video clip above showing how to put baby to bed. It would appear that I have been doing this slightly incorrectly. On Sunday you demonstrated how to put baby to bed with Elikah. You popped her in the Joey Swag and then swaddled her in the Doublewrap. You then placed 4 blankets on top of her. However, I seem to remember that, rather than tucking the blankets down firmly in between the mattress and the sides of the cot you said to simply press them down the side of baby and push them slightly underneath baby’s sides. I think my husband asked about tucking them into the sides of the cot and you said that you didn’t need to do that and that doing so only allowed air to get down the sides. One of your articles also says that loose bedding is dangerous. I am now a bit confused :-/ Help!

    The answer to this question is age related and with Elikah I would suggest not tucking the bedding in because one of the things we talked about was her rolling. My new research is showing if a baby is tucked in and they roll to their tummy they can get trapped face down. I have also found cold air gets down the sides if the bedding is tucked in firmly and this leads to the baby getting cold and then rolling to their tummy to warm up. So in your case no I would not tuck the bedding in. could you please email and tell me exactly where you found my statement about tucking the bedding in so I can update this.

    2 – Elikah is a pretty hyperalert baby. LOTS of people comment on this. I don’t know whether this is due to overtiredness generally or something else. But the point is that ever since about 4 or 5 months of age she has been very disinterested in food. This had made sticking to a Feed-Play-Sleep routine or even a Play-Feed-Play-Sleep routine virtually impossible. The only time Elikah is interested in food is when the alternative is bed. If she thinks there is any possibility of anything else happening she refuses to eat as she wants to be looking outwards rather than in towards me (or the person giving her a bottle of EBM). This has led to me having to feed her right before bed and her often falling asleep on the breast/bottle. If I try to put her to bed without a feed she is simply too hungry.

    So, I have now been implementing your routine but this problem is still making it difficult because she will sometimes simply refuse to eat or only eat a little. Likewise with her solid food. Although since starting the routine she has actually been refusing most of her solid meals or only eating very little 🙁 So when it comes time for bed I am never confident that she is not hungry. Then, if I do let her feed (which I do if she is doing the emotional waaa-waaaa-waaaa cry, which she pretty well does most times – although I note that I do not now let her fall asleep at the breast) she is not hungry enough to feed when it’s next feed time… and so the routine gets out of whack!

    I believe she is overtired and this is why she is acting hyperalert when a baby is overtired they speed up not like adults we get slower. I believe if you stick to offering the solids and food only at the times on the routine you will find in a few days she will start to eat and drink more. If she is still showing no sign of eating the solids in 4 days please make the solid meals 20 minutes later than they are on the routine now.

    3 – the emotional cry! Elikah starts screaming as soon as she is wrapped 🙁 She does the “wet cry” with tears and uninterrupted waaas. The first time I put her to bed yesterday I think that she cried herself to sleep because she continued to sob after falling asleep 🙁 She fell asleep within the 18 minute window which your book says not to re-enter the room. Although I know that you say an emotional cry should not be ignored. The difficulty is that this seems to be how Elikah cries every time I put her to bed 🙁 Any advice?

    Yes I do say this cry should never be ignored because ignoring an emotional cry can cause problems. However in your case we know why she is crying Elikah is crying when put in her cot because she thinks you are going to leave her there with little bedding and she is going to feel cold. This is no longer the case so it is okay that you left her to settle because we know the emotional need she was crying about has now been address and most likely she worked this out herself and that is why she settled. The main reason it isn’t good for a baby to cry this cry is it can go for hours but in your case she stopped crying within a few minutes so it is okay to leave her to settle again.

    Again, huge thanks for your help and advice. I think we are on the right track now but may still need just these few more tips to put the last pieces of the puzzle together. You are welcome!

    Go raimh maith agat and Sláinte chugat! Thank you for the Irish thank you!!

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  32. When do you stop using the bubbaroo bags for sleeping? My son is 15 months and I dont know if I should buy the next size up or just stop using them altogether. It is a big sleep cue for him.

  33. Hi Megan:

    I would say the average is 4 years, but some people stop when their little ones are in a bed for 8 weeks!. This advice is in my toddler book.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  34. “Tizzie” is overcomplicating things to appear intelligent. And this is more relevant to colder climates.

    And she had toys and rugs in the cot. Safe sleeping dictates NOTHING in the cot! Just baby

    What are you doing Tizzie!? You have got me in a fizzie

  35. Hi Lorenzo:

    Thank you for your comments but this information is not just relevant to colder climates babies in warmer climates also drop in body temperature when they sleep and get cold, which can put them at risk of rolling to their tummies to warm up and this puts them at risk of cot death.

    I believe you will find this information interesting.

    Here is a link to the 9th SIDS international conference if you go to page 99 (which might be a different page depending on how you are reading it) but actual page 99 point 134 titled COT DEATH AND SLEEPING SACKS you will see the state a baby will roll later if bedding is used with the sleeping bag.

    SIDS and KIDS information sheet 6 September 2007 please go to the 3rd page second paragraph in the conclusion box and read what it states. “However there is no evidence to show that extra thermal insulation increases the risk of SIDS in infants who sleep on the back with the head and face uncovered.”

    The other item in the cot is not a toy it is a safe comforter and has passed all relevant safty standards for children from newborn and up.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  36. Just thought i would comment tizzie – I live in Mount Isa – Far north west Queensland and i had a baby who was ‘cold’ at night because i wasn’t putting enough blankets on her – thinking it is stinking hot etc… but since purchasing the additional bedding guide my little girl no longer wakes through the night grunting and groaning, she is now content and warm and sleeping through the night. Thanks Tizzie

  37. Hi Tizzie

    I’m a HUGE fan. Your book turned my life around and helped my bub become a happy, settled baby. She’s been a great self settler since starting your routines but now at 10 months when put in her cot for sleeptime she will chat, crawl, clap, stand and roll for up to an hour before her daytime naps. I’ve tried ignoring but I’m afraid she’s now got herself into the habit of doing this. Generally, if I sneak in after 10 or 15 mins and put her back in her sleeping position without making eye contact she’ll settle and go straight to sleep. Should I continue this, ignore or perhaps try the lie down approach? She starts daycare soon so I’m keen to sort it. I’ve tried putting her down earlier, the next routine, introducing morning and afternoon tea and more blankets so far. She hasn’t had a comforter for the last few months as she showed no interest in it whatsoever. Thanks!

  38. Hi,

    I have to say thank you Tizzie for saving our sleep and our sanity. At 8 weeks old my baby girl was screaming going down at every sleep, it was just heartbreaking.

    A friend of mine gave me your book. At first I was resistant to waking her up at 7am but soon learned I had to change something. My husband and I were gob smacked when she started to fall into the routine and things got a whole lot better. She is now 5 months old and she is such a happy and content baby on your routines. So thank you.

    I have a copy of the safe bedding guide however I am really struggling with the weight of TOG to temperature. I have had my baby in a 1 TOG since her room got to about 22 degrees. I noticed that the safe sleeping guide recommends a 2.5 TOG all the way up to 28 degrees. I put my baby to bed tonight – 24 degrees in her room, in a 2.5 TOG with 1 sheet and 1 cotton blanket and she was unsettled after about 10 mins. I let her go but after another 10 minutes went in as it was a very distressed cry. I picked her up and she was hot and sweaty. I changed her back into her 1 TOG now and after some cuddles she went off to sleep.

    Is there something I am not reading correctly with the safe bedding guide? Is a 2.5 TOG correct for 24 degrees (NSW, baby not being swaddled).

    The only thing I can think is I do have a mattress protector on the bed however when I checked I could not see a plastic backing on this, it is a cotton protector.

    Appreciate your guidance.

  39. Hi All:

    Leanne – Thank you for your lovely feedback and reaffirming the benefits of following the correct bedding advice and explaining to us how well your baby is now sleeping – even in a very hot and humid climate! It fantastic to hear that she is now a content little baby ?

    Lauren – Thank you for your post and I am so happy to hear that your have a happy, settle and well rested baby. It is difficult to guide you without a thorough background into your individual situation but it sounds like she might need some more ‘awake’ time before her sleep. I would suggest trying to keep her up and extra 20 mins before putting her down for her sleep and you will need to try this consistently for a good 5-7 days. If she does eventually settle on her own that is great and it may just be here way of winding down before a sleep. As I mentioned it is very difficult to comment but this would be my first thought without looking into her diet etc. If you would like more individual help you can email my team who can explain the support options or I do have a Facebook fan page where other parents following my advice can help you (Please be aware however that while we try to read all the posts we can’t guarantee to read them all or keep an eye on the advice given by other fans. If you would like more specialist advice and help then you would be best to join the online advice area offered on my website)

    Kathryn – Thank you for your post and feedback. I am so pleased to hear that after a rough start you now have your little girl settling and sleeping much better and is much more content as a result!
    The bedding guide is just that ‘a guide’ as each baby can be different. If you had found a combination of clothing, sleeping bag and bedding that was working for your baby then I would recommend you stay with that.
    However if you were noticing unsettled sleep and perhaps early rising before 7am or tummy sleeping then yes I would look at bedding. I am not sure what brand the mattress protector is but if your little one is sweating that would be the first thing I would remove. Often mattress protectors have the plastic lining within them so you can’t see it but I have also found most 100% cotton ones to cause sweating as well. So, if you are wanting to change to a 2.5 tog to help with night waking or early rising etc I would suggest you remove the mattress protector and try the recommended bedding again as written in the guide. However as I mentioned at the beginning, if you were not having any sleep problems with what you were using then I would suggest staying with that as long as your baby was sleeping in the safe back sleeping positing. Again as I mentioned above to Lauren if you are looking for further help please access one of our many support options as detailed.

    Vanessa – Lovely to hear how well you and your baby are doing. Waking between sleep cycles is very normal and the very positive thing is your little man is able to put himself back to sleep which is wonderful! You could try an extra blanket during the day and night to see if this helps him resettle faster but really what you are describing is very normal.

    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  40. Hi Anna:

    That’s great news Elikah is eating and sleeping and sticking to the routine well done.

    I am not sure why you have decided to unswaddle her but I would encourage you to keep swaddling her until she show signs of being able to roll while swaddled. One of the things we know about SIDS is most of the babies who were dying of SIDS in the 80’s were tummy sleepers or were put to bed on their SIDS but found having rolled to their tummies. It is really really important to sleep Eli on her back. Swaddling Eli will help to keep her in the safe back sleeping position.

    Companies making and selling sleeping bags are not the place to get advice about safe sleeping you need to get your research and advice on SIDS from experts in the SIDS research field. I believe the best place to get this advice is the International SIDS conference. This is where I get my facts.

    You need to take all the advice you are given including the advice I gave you and decide if you think this feel right and go with your gut. Before you took my advice on Eli was not sleeping, not eating and not putting on weight I believe now she is. Please remember SIDS is horrible and no family should ever have to live with the loss of a baby to SIDS but if you are not getting any sleep other things can happen you can have an accident you could have a car crash you could leave a kettle of scalding hot water in reach of Eli, you might fall asleep while Eli is in the bath you need to look at the whole picture not just SIDS.
    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  41. Hi Anna:
    If she is rolling wrapped then I would not wrap her but if she is not rolling while wrapped then I would keep wrapping her. We know SIDS is reduced when a baby is sleeping on their back and wrapping a baby will keep the baby on their back longer. So if she is not rolling wrapped I would still wrap her.
    Le gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  42. Hi Anna:

    Your mothers group will not think much of my advice with that 18 minutes of crying. The problem was the fact you put her in a new cot in the book I advise you put her in a porta cot at home for her to get used to sleeping in it first and then you use the porta cot while at a friends house.

    From here you will need to book a consultation or join our online advice area for help, the Blog really isn’t the place to get help.
    gach dea-ghui, Tizzie

  43. Hi Tizzie,

    I have just started reading your book and want to try some of your advice with my 5 month-old, Harry. He has always been a pretty good night sleeper, but over the past month, for no apparent reason, has been waking multiple times and has been difficult to resettle. We tried leaving him to protest like you suggest, but his cries just keep escalating to the point where he becomes quite hysterical. Eventually we get him to sleep by stroking his forehead or picking him up and rocking him, but I want him to learn how to self-settle. I’m not sure what to do.

    Also, we don’t swaddle him as he has always hated having his arms pinned down, we use a Wrap Me Up swaddle, which means his hands can be up around his face where he likes them. But he can roll over now, and today when I tried to put him down for a day sleep, he was protesting and I was trying to allow him to self-settle, but when I eventually went in, he had wriggled his way up the other end of the cot, had rolled over and had his face pressed into the mattress! It really scared me, I’m worried he’ll suffocate. How can we prevent him from rolling at night?

    P.S. I want to start him on a routine as well but we are going overseas in two weeks, should I wait till we get back to try? Sorry for the barrage of questions!

  44. Hi tizzie.
    We live in Melbourne vic. We have had a few days recently where the weather has been 27 during the day. In my daughters room it also heats to this with humidity anywhere between 40 and 60. I put my daughter down with all your recommended being but she sleeps in a 1 tog and an extra blanket to make it 2:5 as recommended by one of your staff at the recent expo. She woke screaming and eventually I had to give her something to ease her. Second she woke at 5 and states awake. I got her up at seven as usual. Did I dress her too hot?

    Also she is constanly waking at 610ish every morning. I have recently moved her morning sleep to 950am as recommended in the book, but I am confused as she is 7 months and you recommend them waking at 11. So so I still do this if I put her down @ 950am and do I put her down @ 120pm or move to nine month routine. She sleeps regardless of what I try she sleeps approx 2:5hrs in total during the day.

    Sorry if I’m confusing

  45. sorry if I can bother you again. As belle is going to sleep at 950am and I’m waking her at 11am. Do I then pit her at 120pm? Also she is waking at 530am for the last few days. I have been putting. Her down at 950am and tgen 150pm. She is only sleeping 2hrs and 20min, regardless of 920am or 950am. And 120pm and 150pm. She is not eating as much as she used to, I haven’t figured out why. I’m wondering if she is over tired or hungry? She cries on off when she wakes at 530am. Till I get her up at 7am. Do I go to her and feed her at 530am? Sorry to be a pain. I’m saving to join your membership and consultation as I’m a single mum.

  46. Also forgot to mention. She has never slept till 7an on the save our sleep routines. I have the bedding guide so I don’t think its coldness.

  47. Thanks tizzie.
    She now has 14 blankets on her. She seems to be eating better now. She is alternating at 1.20pm sleeps. some r only hr others hr n half. She is waking @ 5.30an now but resettles till 630am. Is this ok and can I get her up or should I leave her? Any advice on how to get her to sleep past 6.30am. I’ve joined your fb page but I’m not sure what advice to follow as moat recommend moving to 9 month routine. My Lo is advanced for her age but at her 6m check she only weighed 6.6kg. But she had also started crawling 2 weeks prior to this. I’m sorry I’m a pain. I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. I’ve also tried going newborn formula but she is only drinking 80mls from a 180klein bottle on progress was drinking 140ml to 180ml. However on newborn she is eating more as drinking less.

  48. Also to clarify on 950am sleep wake @ 11am for 120pm bedtime. If I move to 150pm what time should I wake her from 950am sleep.

  49. Hi tizzie. I promise last time. Also to add with previous comments. Belle sleeps in 14 blankets at 22c for 26c she likes 8 blankets. What would you recommend based on these temps for 24c n 28c . She is dressed according to bedding guide.

  50. Hi Tizzie and Team, Apologies if these questions have already been answered somewhere but I can’t seem to find it.

    I can’t tell from the video and can’t find in the book about whether or not the folded cot sheet is tucked in at the bottom of the cot or left open and only tucked into the sides.

    Also, when do night feeds turn into early rising? My 9 week old Lily still wakes at between 4.30am-5.30am and takes a full breast. I have the correct bedding on her and suspect because she is quite big that she just gets hungry (she’s already 6.5kgs and drains a breast in 10 mins or under!). I’ve tried giving her both breasts at the dreamfeed but she’s fast asleep after the first and even after gentle rousing just looks at me and isn’t interested in the second breast.

    I found your book out of desperation when my now 2y 9m old Scarlett was 11 weeks old and she literally slept through 7pm-7am with a dreamfeed the very first night I started her on your routines! A miracle if I ever saw one. I still feel terrible about all the mistakes I made in those first 10 weeks which were beyond horrible for both of us.

    I’ve been using your routines with my now 9 week old Lily since birth and these first few weeks have been hard work but still an absolute delight.

    Now the teary bit. I hope you realise what a real and tangible difference you make to peoples lives. You get so many thank yous but I don’t feel a simple thank you can even begin to convey the gratitude and appreciation for giving me the amazing gift of enjoying my girls, my husband and my life again. I’m not naturally a maternal person and was heading down the road of desperate depression in those first few weeks with Scarlett so I hold the gift you’ve given me second only to the gift of life. Thank you for the gift of enjoying my life. From the bottom of my heart and soul I am so very grateful for all that you do and the amazing gift that you share with all of us. I wish you all the love, happiness and success you so richly deserve.

    Nat x

  51. Hi Tizzie,

    Hoping you can help.

    Our 6 month old boy, has just started in this last week to roll in the cot when he’s put down for both his day/s and night sleep. He isn’t interested in staying there to sleep on his tummy that’s not the problem, he is actually upset and rolling about just getting frustrated and worked up and knocking into the cot rails. He is in a sleeping bag and any additional blankets are not stopping him from moving about. Instead he is working up a sweat with any blankets on top of him in this summer heat!

    Can you make any suggestions how we can get him to stay on his back when he’s put down for a sleep? The only time I’m finding he’s happy to fall asleep calmly on his back is if he has a sleep on our bed (with us monitoring). I don’t want this to be the only answer though…..

    A main concern is he will be asleep for the night and wake and start this behavior rolling about and getting upset. My husband and I can be up for an hour at a time trying to calm him & usually resulting with a feed to settle him… which is not a habit we want to get into!

    I would really appreciate your expertise on this?

    With 2 bubs under two, any sleep deprivation is quick to kick in 🙂

    Thankyou so much,

  52. Hi Tizzie

    Hope you can help as I have just watched the video and read all the comments and just purchased the bedding guide.

    I have a question when you state Bodysuit in the guide should this be a onesies or a full body suit. I live in cairns QLD and it’s unbelievable hot so I just want to get it right before I put in my order.

    Also I have read your book (twice over) and a little confused about letting your baby settle themselves. My darling boy is 13 weeks old and cries the second i put him in his cot. Do I let him cry for the 8 minutes up to 22 mins? After 22 mins give him a 10 min break? Im confused and how long do I keep doing this? One hour? Two hours? His so stubborn and can cry for hours and gets so worked up that it takes me triple the time to settle him again and before we know it it’s time for his next feed and awake again. I can’t stick to the routine

    unfortunately, my partner gave him a dummy (long story) but I will work on that as per your book. Along with the fact that I think his too cold and why he only settles for 30 mins at a time and wakes up screaming the house down.

    Please help Im going crazy and just keep giving up cause I know Im doing it wrong and I revert back to nursing him and using the dummy.


  53. Please ignore my previous post I will just put it down to baby brain and maybe they took some brain cells out when they did the c-section.

    My partner and I re-read a lot of your book and we got it, we finally got it. Last night we put Boston to bed at 7pm after keeping the routine in which he cried for 34 mins but went to sleep he slept right through and we gave him his dream feed and he didn’t wake again until 7am this morning.

    Now you might think we slept NOPE we kept checking him thinking something might be wrong but it wasn’t he was perfect, warm, fed and happy. He even woke this morning smiling. Then when we put him down for his 9am sleep it took a grand total of 3 mins for him to settle and yes minus the dummy.

    This has continued on all day and its 8:28pm and my little man has been in bed snug as bug since 7pm.

    I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to you and your fantastic book. I was truly losing my mind and felt like the worse mother in the world and wanted to run away from home a few times. Our lives had been turned upside down and my partner and i were at each others throat through lack of sleep.

    But for the first time in months we were smiling again and you should of seen our happy dance last night when our little man finally went to sleep. We cannot believe how quick it has worked and how lucky we are to have found your book.

    A million thanks you will never be enough not just for us but my little man was so happy today and we have you to thank for it. Again you are an angel sent from above here to help us and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for teaching me to be the best Mum I can and allowing me to enjoy my little miracle.

    One happy Mama

  54. Hi Tizzie,
    My 3 month old son is on the second day of your routine. He previously had a dummy to put him to sleep and we have taken that off him when he started your routine.

    He is settling within about 10minutes during the day but is only sleeping for one sleep cycle, and even when I take him for a walk/ drive he does not go back to sleep. But, then he is awake for 3 hours until his next scheduled sleep and is extremely tired. He will then sleep for only one sleep cycle again, and then have a nap in the afternoon.

    The problem really begins when I put him down for bed at night. He will start to protest cry and after the 8 minutes I will go in, but then it turns into an emotional cry. I will pick him up for the 10 minute break and then when I put him down the same thing will happen all over again. By now he has worked himself up so much that he is sweating. This will go on for at least an hour untill I give in and put him on the breast, then I put him down and he will fall asleep straight away.

    I then dream feed him at 10:30pm but he will then wake at 1:30am and I feed him again. Previously, he was going from 10:30pm till 3:30am but now he wakes at 1:30, 3:30 and 5.

    So my questions are, what am I to do about the 7pm bed time? He settles well during the day and at his night feeds but not at 7pm. Is he not settling because he is so overtired from only having 3 40min naps or is it something else? How can I get him to stop catnapping and learn to resettle so he sleeps better during the day, when I have tried taking him for a walk/ drive?

    Also, sometimes at he wakes at about 6:15am so I feed him and put him down to resettle but he won’t. Do I just leave him in his cot untill 7am? When I try and get him to resettle it will be the same situation as getting him to sleep at 7pm.

    I am just so sleep deprived, I don’t know what to do…


  55. Hi Tizzie

    I have recently started following all of the advice in your book and am already seeing a big improvement in my 4 week olds sleeping patterns – my little boy has gone from averaging only 7 hours sleep a day to getting around 14 hours now, which is a big relief for me as I was so worried about the impact so little sleep was having on him.

    After one week on your routines, he is still taking up to an hour to settle himself in the evenings, which is distressing for everyone and I have re-read your book to try to work out if I have missed something. Sometimes he is quite sweaty on his back after getting himself quite worked up trying to get to sleep, and I am not 100% certain what his mattress protector is made of – so am trying to check this.

    Is there an alternative to a mattress protector that is backed and causes overheating? My little boy does seem to often have a leaking nappy (despite regular changes etc) and also sometimes possits in his bassinet, so I really would like to use a mattress protector – are there 100% cotton ones available or do you just recommend not using one at all?

    Many thanks for your help and also your book which has helped my sanity and my confidence no end.

  56. Hi Tizzie,

    I was told about your book when my 5 month old daughter was 6 weeks old and have been using your routines ever since. After just 2 days my daughter slept 7-7 with no fuss at all. From 8 weeks she would never sleep more than 40mins x3 during the day and is only now able to crack 1 and a half hours. Over the past 4 weeks she has been waking at 7:40 every night and is unable to settle back to sleep. If my husband or I pick her up for just a few minutes and put her back down awake she will sleep until 7am. What do you think it is and what could we do to go back to normal???


  57. Tizzie,

    We are the proud parents of a beautiful bubbly 15 week old girl. Since eight weeks of age she has begun catnapping during the daytime and although I stringently stick to your routine, nothing has changed in this regard and she reguarly wakes after 45 mins. She is happy and alert and very, very rarely is whingy or moany during the day. She is clearly tired though and I have tried countless methods to help her resettle after the 45min period to no avail. When she wakes she is found to be playing and smiling in her cot with absolutely no chance of her being able to get back to sleep. She sleeps quite well of a night time but I find it absolutely impossible to get her into bed and asleep before 7:30pm. I believe this is due to fact that the sun does not set here in Rochkampton Qld until 7:30pm. She still wakes anytime between 2am and 4am for a breast feed before going back to sleep until about 7am. I have noticed the last few days she is waking earlier at about 5:45am which is becoming increasingly frustrating. She has been self-settled for the last 3-4weeks and generally doesn’t take much longer than 10mins or so to nod off to sleep. Do you believe she still requires the early morning feed or is she just using this as a means to help her get back to sleep. She seems quite hungry when I start to feed her but she usualy falls asleep on the first breast before I put her back to bed.

  58. Tizzie,

    Thanks so much for your reply and advice. Since posting my last blog,my daughter has now progressed to routinely sleeping for her two hour period between 9am and 11am and usually again for the same period between 1pm and 3pm. She is still waking once only of a night time at around 4pm for a quick feed before returning to bed and waking again sometime around 6:30am to 7am. She is now started on solids as per your routine for a 4 month old baby. I have considered the fact that temperature may be the issue with her waking at 4am however the climate here is quite warm and at the time of waking she does not appear cold or even cool. I have resigned myself to the fact that as she gets a little older this 4am feed will disappear in due course!! Thanks again for your help

  59. Hi Tizzie,
    I have your book and am finding great success with my 1st born son who is 4months. Last night he slept from 7pm (DF @ 1030) until 630am. He was pretty restless. So I got him up but didn’t feed him til 7am is this ok?? I am in QLD and don’t have a room temperatue device (still coming in the post) so am doing a little guess work at the moment, with the bedding guide when you say bodysuit (is this short or no sleeves) and is this under the Babygro?
    Seems to be working so far fingers crossed =)

  60. Hi Tizzie
    My daughter is 7 weeks old and I am preparing to start her on your routines at 8 weeks, I am currently doing all my reading and research. My one concern is that my daughter has never really liked being swaddled and likes to sleep with her hands near her face, which I have been letting her do. Do you think she will adjust ok to being swaddled now? I know its a very important part of your teachings.
    Thanks 🙂

  61. Hi Maika:
    Thank you for your post, it sounds like you are doing really well! Well Done! Sleeping froom 7pm to 6.30am is GREAT! and getting him up but delaying the milk if he was happy is fine. In regards to the clothing a bodysuit is a short sleeve or single suit that does up under the bottom and yes you use this as the first layer of clothing and then use a babygro over the top! Keep up the great parenting!

    Hi Tiffani:
    Welcome to Save Our sleep. Tizzie would recommend that you swaddle your baby and use her recommended baby wrap to do so. Swaddling as I am sure you have read helps to keep babies feeling safe, snug and warm and also helps to keep them in the safe back sleeping position for as long as possible so we would certainly recommend you introduce the swaddle. What Tizzie has found is most of the time a baby is fighting sleep not the swaddle.
    All the best,
    Save Our Sleep

  62. I am shocked at the amount of blankets used here. A babygro, sleeping bag, double swaddle and then 4 blankets? Does this baby live in Siberia?

  63. Thanks,

    Last night he woke up twice and I think it was because he was too warm. Very sweaty back and quiet thirsty woke up kinda moaning at first and then got worked up. Might try him in something lighter. So hard to regulate the temp and still waiting for the termometer. =)

  64. Hello Tizzie
    We have been doing your routine for a week for our 11 week old. Last night was the first night we had all the proper bedding as to your guide. We did the dreamfeed at 1030pm and she stirred at 5am but went back to sleep then woke up at 600am. (Usually she’s been waking between 2-3am) I just got a thermometre noticed the room was 18degrees at 6am (waiting for an oil heater). We ended up getting her up and feeding her. Do we still need to keep her up and put her to bed at 9am or does the whole day shift back an hour? Bit unsure as she might not last til 11am and be hungry!


    PS. love the Doublewrap! sooo much easier and is harder for her to get out!

  65. Hi Tizzie,

    Great books for my 5mth old and 4yr old, im using your toddler technique on my 4 yr old, i figure she has just turned 4 and can use this as a guide. I am happy to say the baby is in bed by 7pm, and my 4yr old is asleep between 7.30pm-8pm, sometimes i think she has missed th 7 o’clock bus, do I get her into bed at 7pm? And how do I deal with daylight savings? This is getting me a bit anxious as i have just got them into this routine for the 2nd week.


  66. As I write this, my 1 month old is screaming behind me, it is past midnight and my 3rd consecutive week I have not slept more than a couple hours a day/night. I live in Perth, Australia, and found your website by chance after being told about your book by various friends but, thanks to being well into the sleep deprivation hallucination stage, I keep forgetting to look up.

    I do need your book asap and would love to know a local retailer that stocks it in my city. It’s a shame the big expos and talks are over east, as always, or I would go to them gladly to find out how to settle my little boy. He’s our first and is growing rapidly thanks to our Dutch genes and seems to constantly require feeding every half hour at the moment, though I try to be ruthless and work on settling him without relying on comfort feeding (though again I can’t tell when he’s actually hungry and when he’s just wanting comfort). The temperature is also changing now after a long searing hot and dry summer that’s skipping autumn and going straight into winter and it’s confusing to know how much swaddling to put on him or if we should take some off.

    He used to only feed every 2 to 3 hours and we’re assuming it’s yet another growth spurt. The unfortunate factor in all of this is that my partner is away for 14 hours of the day and needs at least 4 hours sleep to remotely be ok for driving the 45 minutes to work every morning and evening. So I am the one needing to be on the ball constantly with a dwindling milk supply and frankly I’m finally cracking. Lack of sleep has led to waking dreams, injuries from falling over and bumping into things to more serious episodes where I’m found myself collapsed against a wall where I simply passed out from exhaustion.

    I’m at my wits end. Please tell me your book is stocked in one of our many bookstores here so I can figure out some sort of solution. Oh, to top it all off, he has colic. I tell you, being a first time mum is one thing, being a mum who can’t even smile anymore because it uses up the bit on energy needed to hold her child is another. I’m writing this while sucking down orange juice and thriving off the anzac cookie I ate earlier. You’re pretty much my last option.

  67. hi tizzie, i have a 8.5 month old baby, she is starting to wake up at around 3 or 4 it has been very cold in nsw australia at the moment, im wondering if it could be the cold, her room is getting down to around 12 or 14 degrees at the moment. im still warping her but not using a sleeping bag because she like to have her hand wraped next to her face what can i do other the get her up and feed her? help please

  68. HI Tizzie,

    Thanks so much for your book! I am a first time Mum, and only started to refer to your information recently. My bub is 16 weeks this week, and she is still pretty unsettled, and is always upset and grizzly. I am trying to follow the routines, and some days it works great, but others it doesn’t work at all. I am now 2 weeks into trying the routines, but she doesn’t seem to get it. Her day sleeps are very short, and she never takes a full feed at once, which I find mucks the times up quite a bit. I know it could be anything, but perhaps you have some insight? Thanks again for your wonderful book, I sit every night, finding something new to learn about. I just wish so badly that my bubba would learn too!!!!

  69. Sorry, I forgot to mention also, that bub is waking up at 2, 3, 4, and 5am and I just pop the dummy back in. Do you think it is hunger? I am sure she is not cold. Thanks!!

  70. Hi Tizzie,
    Have a 3 month old who is going really well on the routine, just watched this clip and i have a doublewrap on the way, now i know how to use it cant wait till it gets here! Just wanted to clarify even if bub wakes anywhere between 6.30 and 7am, still keep him up till 9? Was a little worried about OT.. but was thinking he will never sleep till 7am if i keep putting him down early!
    Thanks a million your book is great and am buying it for my pregnant friends!

  71. Hi Tizzie,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful wealth of knowledge and for help all of us get our little ones into routines! I cannot survive if my little girl is not on your routines!

    I do have a question. My 9mo has always woken at different times during the night. She can SS herself but it can be at 9:30pm, 2am, 1:30am….anytime really. Why does she do this? I have your bedding guide and have watched the video…but am still confused??? I still do the DF and am wondering if this plays a part in why she wakes??? (was going to drop this feed a month ago but the had pneumonia) and I’m in the process of dropping it now.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

  72. Hi there Tizzy,

    I have turned to your book for my 16.5 week old boy… i have just come to realise the fundamental mistake i had made with him… i have always fed or cuddled him to sleep. he is now waking between daytime sleep cycles.

    So i am following your advice to teach him to go to sleep on his own, but he seems to launch into an emotional cry as soon as i put him down! Tears and red face.

    What should i do?

  73. Hi Chantel,

    One blanket equals one layer, if you fold the blanket in half it equals two layers for a cot, half it again it will equal 4 layers and so on.

  74. Hi Tizzie

    I have been using your routines with my daughter (13 weeks old) and have made sure I am using the correct bedding ( number of balnkets etc.) but when I put her down at 7pm she never seems to settle and just cries and cries, lately it has been really bad as she may not go to sleep until 9.30pm. How do you get her to sleep at 7pm. I am following your routine so I don’t know where I have gone wrong. I would really like some help.

    She is not sleeping through 7 to 7 either, lately been waking at 4pm for a feed. I think if I can get her to sleep without protest at 7pm I think she might sleep 7 to 7. Maybe you can tell me otherwise though.

    Thanks in advance.

  75. Hi Cassie:

    Thank you for your post and I am sorry to hear you are having some troubles with your darling little man. The best way to seek advice and support to resolve sleep and settling issues is to choose from one of our online support options below. It is very difficult for us to guide you without further much more detailed information.

    The support option memberships we offer are via our online forums and we have three levels of membership –

    Level 1 – General Forum – $30.00

    The Save Our Sleep General forum offers a friendly, supportive online community where parents can help other parents establish and follow Tizzie’s routines and advice and help answer any questions that may come up along the way. The forum is a safe and secure environment where you can chat, help each other and share in the day to day joys, achievements and challenges of parenting.

    The General Forum is a community of like-minded parents who willingly share their experiences, baby advice and support new members. The SOS moderating team checks the advice given and a member of Tizzie’s team will step in only if incorrect, misleading or potentially unsafe advice is given. This area is a Forum only and does not entitle members to support directly from either Tizzie or her team. This area also does not guarantee you of a reply If you are looking to have the guarantee of a reply or the assurance of Tizzie’s team you should consider taking up Online Advice (explained below) which will provide you with help and advice or if you would like help from Tizzie direct please consider a One On One Tizzie consultation (Explained below).

    The General Forum membership also gives you READ ONLY access to the Online Advice area where you can read further advice of experienced Save Our Sleep parents as well as the Save Our Sleep team. You will be able READ threads in the Advice area but you will not be able to post.

    Level 2 – Online Advice – $330.00

    The Save Our Sleep ® online advice area offers a friendly, supportive online community where parents and the Save Our Sleep ® team can help other parents establish and follow Tizzie’s routines and advice and answer any questions and help resolve any problems that may come up along the way.

    This community of like-minded people willingly shares their experiences, baby advice and support with new members. The SOS moderating team checks the advice given and a member of Tizzie’s team will offer advice or correct advice given if they feel a question was not answered fully or was incorrectly answered. Members can also alert the moderators if they feel a question has been overlooked. This area guarantee’s you or a response to your questions within 24-32 hours maximum. If your post has not been answered within this time frame by another a member the moderators will let the Save Our Sleep team know and a member will step in to answer your questions. Tizzie may also step in to assist in threads however membership to this area is not a guarantee of help from Tizzie.

    The annual fee to this support service enables the Save Our Sleep ® team to continue offering this advice service and to maintain a safe online community for all parents. The online advice membership also gives you access to the General Save Our Sleep Forums which includes the complete list of FAQ’s and any updates made to the Save Our Sleep books!

    Level 3 – One On One with Tizzie – $650 or less depending on current membership level – Service currently unavailable

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    Tizzie’s one-on-one consultations are performed via our Online Advice area within the Save Our Sleep Forums. Tizzie will begin a consultation for you within this area. You will be able to directly ask Tizzie questions and receive answers within a few hours during business days. If you have an urgent problem it can be answered within a few minutes. For problems arising outside office hours, Tizzie will arrange a suitable consultation time.

    One-On-One with Tizzie members can message Tizzie with their baby sleep problems and other parenting issues as often as needed.

    Once your consultation is complete you will automatically receive a membership to our online advice area ( for the remaining 11 months. This will enable you to continue to have an avenue of support from Tizzie’s team and other parents following Tizzie’s advice.

    If you already have a membership to either the General Forum or the Online Advice area and would like to purchase a token to receive Tizzie’s help for one month please purchase the appropriate upgrade token from the online store.

    Kind Regards,
    Save Our Sleep

  76. Hi Cassie:

    You’re welcome on the reply. The general forum is certainly a great place to start and you will get great amounts of information just from reading other members posts and sharing in their experiences. I would certainly recommend this option.

    Save Our Sleep

  77. Hi Tizzie,
    I have read your book and have been trying to impliment your routines with my 8wk old son since he was 5wks old and so far we have mixed results. He settles really well all day long and wakes and resettles himself in-between sleep cyles and I’m so proud of him! (he’s a big boy(90th percentile) and I noticed him waking in between cycles a few weeks ago)
    However…the 7pm bedtime he just cries and cries regardless of whether we’re in the room or not, I think he may even get worse when we go in to sit with him after the 6min. I have a bedtime routine and we don’t feed him to sleep. I’m just wondering if there’s anything about 7pm that would make any difference to him settling?

  78. Hi Tizzie,

    In the video you use three different types of blankets (which you’ve listed earlier, I’ve pasted below)


    The 1st blanket is the little bamboo cotton cellular blanket in white

    The 2nd blanket is the little bamboo bamboo blanket in white

    The 3rd one is the Purebaby red blanket: but it comes in a few colours.


    I’m a little confused as to why you use three different kinds of blanket? I’m about to purchase blankets, and I just want to know if I should purchase all the same kind – or should I purchase a few different kinds?

    What’s the difference between the blankets? And if they are different – in what way – and then how do I decide which one(s) to use?

    I’ve got the safe bedding guide from your website, but it only says the number of blankets to use and that they should be cotton or bamboo – it doesn’t say if they should be a cellular blanket, or what order to put the blankets on (i.e. cellular 1st layer, bamboo 2nd, etc)…..

    Thanks for the clarification. 🙂


    (Mum to 7 wk old Thomas – my gorgeous, handsome little man).

  79. Hi Tizzie,

    Thanks for your book. Our 9 week old daughter has just started sleeping through the night (though waking at 6:30am). She does not use a dummy and always self settles herself to sleep (has done since 3 weeks). I have your safe bedding guide and your article about being unsettled at 7pm sleep, and have read your book cover to cover. I have just started having catnapping issues in the last week with the morning sleep. After reading the catnapping section I have determined that she is not hungry, she is not cold and she has only just graduated to a new routine and is very sleepy when I put her to bed (often asleep in one minute) so I don’t think it is tiredness. Therefore I think she just needs to learn to resettle, so I will start trying to resettle her after 8mins or so of protesting. Do you think it is possible that she can self settle herself, but just need help with resettling during the day?

    Also, she takes 45-50mins to feed and always wakes up really hungry at 6:30am, so I can’t delay the 7am feed. I feel like I have read conflicting things, should I just keep her up until 8:45am, or pop her back to bed for 20mins when she has finished? Thanks very much for the clarification.

    Thanks. 🙂


  80. Hi Tizzie,

    Can you please tell me what Cilian is actually wearing before your put him in the sleeping bag and swaddle? I try to keep my baby’s nursery at 20degrees constant and put on everything you do but he is still waking at 5-5:30am and not sleeping longer than 40mins or 1.5 hours during the day.

    Do you have a singlet on under the bodysuit? I have been dressing my 20 week old in a Bonds Wondersuit with no singlet.

    Please help!!

    Warm Regards,

  81. Hello Tizzi

    I have a 4 month old who still cries for 10 minutes every sleep he goes down. I have tried every tip you have said but he still cries himself to sleep.(two weeks now) The thing I have gained from it is that he re-settels most of the time. But I am really stressed everytime he cries and I don’t think its good. I just don’t know what to do.
    Maybe he is overtired but ive put him to bed earlier for a few day’s eswell. The hardest part is in the morning because he wants to go to sleep at 8 am everymorning.
    anyway hope you can help

  82. Hi Tizzie,
    My baby is 7 weeks old and been following your routines from birth after it being highly recommended by my sister.
    I recently purchased comforters from your website and would like instructions on exactly how it is safe to introduce it.
    In particular, my baby is wrapped when put to bed. Should the comforter be placed next to him closer to his head than his body so he can smell it and snuggle his face to it or something different?
    I feel silly asking, but some clear instructions would be appreciated.

  83. Hi Tizzie,

    I also have a question about comforters. Any tips for how to minimise them getting lost amongst bedding? My 22 month old wakes a few times during the night whenever we use blankets/sheets on top of the sleeping bag because her comforter has got caught up in them, but without the covers she can also wake and I suspect it’s from being cold.


  84. Thanks Kirstie. Had heard about that with dummies, but hadn’t thought about it with comforters. I might try putting a spare one when checking on her before I go to bed.

  85. Hi Tizzie,

    My 14 month old son has been on your routines since day dot and has been generally “sleeping through” since about 5 months. Recently though he’s been waking at 5am or earlier and being unsettled at night – so I’ve gone through your tips on bedding etc and have his room heated to 20′, long sleeve suit under a onesie, with a sleeping bag and 5 cotton blankets on top – I find though that sometime after midnight he ends up on top of his blankets and stll wakes by 545am – how do I keep the blankets on him? Should I be tucking them in?

  86. Hey Tizzie,

    My partner and I love your routines! We have had our son on them since day one in the hospital!
    I have a question for you my son is now 10 months old and we still put him to bed in his bubbaroo sleeping bag with his double wrap over the top. He doesn’t roll he is a very still sleeper. Is this ok that he’s still double wrapped? I have been told by friends he should have his arms free now however whenever we try to free his arms he doesn’t sleep at all.
    I would love your thoughts.

    Kind regards Roxy

  87. Thanks Kristy I really appreciate your help. So when he’s 12 months how should I go about ceasing the wrapping? I am worried it will effect his sleep when we make this change as he LOVES being wrapped.

    Kind Regards Roxy

  88. Hi I just have a question my 7 month old baby is not sleeping thought the still dreamfeeding but I have moved it forward to 10pm. I’m finding her nursary temptarure to be around 18 degrees she sleeps in a body suit a sleeping bag and also one of your double wraps but now I let her arms both out because she likes to roll on her side occasionally I have purchased bamboo and cotton blanket how many blankets do you recommend. At the moment I fold one in half which makes 2 I then put another one fold that in 2 which makes 4 so far togeather and just a blanket on top so it 5 all togeather. Im getting lost and worried why she’s not sleeping through the nights.

    Thanks tizzie

  89. Hi Tizzie,
    I have scanned this page to see if my question has already been answered but could not find anything so I apologize in advance if this is a repeat.

    I just watched your video on how to put a baby to sleep and would greatly appreciate if you could answer the question that has been really perplexing me: how many cotton layers should I put my baby in based on room temperature? The only advice I have gotten thus far is that the baby should have one more layer of clothing than myself but I cannot go by that given my own sense of temperature as it seems to be way off normal (effect of breastfeeding and increased body metabolism??).

    My child is 3 weeks only now and the room thermometer usually reads between 19- 21.5 deg. She is still too young for the sleeping bags. I usually dress her in a body suit, followed by onesie, followed by swaddle wrap followed last by one sheet tucked into the edges of the cot. Have I been doing it right?

    In your video you mention number of layers based on room temperature. I would love to hear what your system is. Especially since it seems you apply many more layers than I do!!

    Thank you,

  90. Hi tizzie

    I did what you told me to do. I also stopped her dream feed as well. To see if she could do 7pm to 7am last night great and so far so good. But the last few night nights she’s been screaming in her sleep then crying I don’t approach her because I know I could scare her but sometimes I found she does not stop crying

  91. Hi tizzie

    I did what you told me to do. I also stopped her dream feed as well. To see if she could do 7pm to 7am last night great and so far so good. But the last few night she’s been screaming in her sleep then crying I don’t approach her because I know I could scare her but sometimes I found she does not stop crying

  92. Hi Tizzie

    My son is 12 weeks old on Monday. We have been following your save our sleep routine for the last 5 nights.

    I have no issues putting him to sleep. After 5 minutes of crying he is sound asleep. That’s where my problems start.

    For the first 4 nights I tried the 10.30pm dream feed, this only lead him to wake every 3 hours after for a feed.

    Last night I went without the dream feed and he was up at 1.30am for a feed.

    On all nights he he is waking at 4.30am & refuses to go back to sleep.

    I’ve ensured he is warm enough with sufficient blankets, being wrapped & utilising the reverse cycle air conditioning system.

    His day time routine is good, he sleeps at 9am for roughly 1.5 hours, 1pm for the same about of time & 3.30/4pm for roughly the same about if time. I do have to wake him for his bath at 5.15pm otherwise he would continue sleeping.

    I’ve read through your book a few times but can’t find a solution to get the extra 2.5hours sleep in the morning.

    What am I doing wrong?

  93. Hi Nichole :

    Thank you for your post. The first thing we would look at when a baby is waking at 4.30am and not being able to settle back to sleep is his bedding and making sure he is warm enough to sleep well. Please have a look at the bedding guide and make sure that he has enough bedding to be warm enough to sleep through this cold part of the early morning. . I also noticed that you mentioned a sleep at 3.30/4pm. The routine for your little ones age has a nap at 4.30pm (which should be somewhere other than his cot). It is very important to be following the routine times closely, as the amount of day sleep and the times of his day sleep can affect his night sleeps. Without further more detailed information it is very difficult to guide you.

    If you feel that you need further support from here I ask that you join the forum so that I and other mums can help you.

    Advice Forum – $58.00

    The Save Our Sleep Advice forum offers a friendly, supportive online community where parents can help other parents establish and follow Tizzie’s routines and advice and help answer any questions that may come up along the way. The forum is a safe and secure environment where you can chat, help each other and share in the day to day joys, achievements and challenges of parenting. Tizzie and members of her team are actively involved in this area.

    The Advice Forum is a community of like-minded parents who willingly share their experiences, baby advice and support new members. The SOS moderating team checks the advice given and a member of Tizzie’s team will step in only if incorrect, misleading or potentially unsafe advice is given. This area is a Forum only and does not entitle members to support directly from either Tizzie or her team or guarantee you a reply.
    If you haven’t received a reply to your post in the general forum in a timeframe that is acceptable to you then we recommend the following options –
    1) Repost your question as it may be seen by other members or if you have asked more than one question within your post please consider dividing your questions and only ask one question per post. This may help and encourage other members to step in and help you as often a member may only know the answer to one of your questions and not the others and members may then feel they can’t answer you at all.
    2) Seek out the help of a trusted maternal child health nurse, health visitor or another health care professional.
    The Advice Forum membership also gives you READ ONLY access to Archived Reading area where you can read further advice of experienced Save Our Sleep parents as well as the Save Our Sleep team. You will be able READ threads in the Archive Library area but you will not be able to post as this area is now closed.

    Kind Regards
    Save Our Sleep

  94. Hi Tizzie,
    I have a 15wks old son that has never settled on his back! I know that this is regarded as the safest sleeping position but since birth he has never slept for more than 20min on his back and if I leave him to self settle he will just cry& cry & cry .. And not the typical I’m getting tired cry it’s a very upset hysterical cry. However if he is on his tummy he will do the tired cry and turn his head back and forth a few times and fall asleep. We use one of those angel care monitors for peace of mind but I find I’m checking on him regularly when he sleeps in other places for naps. Also the last 1-2 weeks his crying to sleep has gotten “crankier” so much so that the only way to sooth him (without picking him up) is to turn on a “white noise” app that I have on my phone .. He will stop crying immediately and fall asleep. I know this is an aid but it’s the only thing that is working at the moment. HELP!! 🙂 .. All suggestions muchly appreciated!

  95. Hi Natalie :

    Thank you for your post. It is very important to be putting your baby to sleep on his back, in the safe back sleeping position. Tizzie advises that it is not safe to put a baby on their tummy or their side for sleep, as tummy and side sleeping has shown to increase the risk of SIDS. Tizzie has found that babies who sleep better on their tummies are often not warm enough to sleep well, and she recommends trying additional layers of cotton or bamboo blankets (up to a maximum of 15 layers) as per the advice in the bedding guide to be sure that your little one is warm enough to settle and sleep well. You can get the bedding guide via this link .

    In regards to white noise, as you have mentioned this is not recommended as it can become a sleep aid. We would encourage you to work on your little ones bedding, and put him in the safe back sleeping position and then follow the settling advice on pages 186-189 of the baby book.

    There are other things to consider also when it comes to settling – is your baby being fed until full so no set time on the breast, or always leaving some in the bottle to indicate he has had enough. We would also encourage you to look at his routine to be sure he is following the routine for his age and that he is going down awake, with nothing in his pre-bedtime routine aiding him to sleep.

    If you feel that you need further support from here I ask that you join the forum so that I and other mums can help you.

    Advice Forum – AUD $64.95

    The Save Our Sleep Advice forum offers a friendly, supportive online community where parents can help other parents establish and follow Tizzie’s routines and advice and help answer any questions that may come up along the way. The forum is a safe and secure environment where you can chat, help each other and share in the day to day joys, achievements and challenges of parenting. Tizzie and members of her team are actively involved in this area.

    The Advice Forum is a community of like-minded parents who willingly share their experiences, baby advice and support new members. The SOS moderating team checks the advice given and a member of Tizzie’s team will step in only if incorrect, misleading or potentially unsafe advice is given. This area is a Forum only and does not entitle members to support directly from either Tizzie or her team or guarantee you a reply.
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    2) Seek out the help of a trusted maternal child health nurse, health visitor or another health care professional.
    The Advice Forum membership also gives you READ ONLY access to Archived Reading area where you can read further advice of experienced Save Our Sleep parents as well as the Save Our Sleep team. You will be able READ threads in the Archive Library area but you will not be able to post as this area is now closed.

    Kind Regards
    Save Our Sleep

  96. Hi Tizzie,

    We have purchased the Double Wrap and the Houdini Strap but are wondering how we can wrap our baby so that he can go in his five point car seat? Is there a video for this or some instructions? I can’t find any on the packaging or the website.

    Thank you.

  97. I do agree with all of the ideas you have presented in your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for beginners. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

  98. After exploring a few of the blog articles on your site, I seriously like your way of writing a blog. I saved as a favorite it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back in the near future. Take a look at my web site too and let me know how you feel.

  99. Hi Tizzie!
    I am loving the save our sleep book. I can’t seem to find information in the book on how to transition baby out of swaddling. Are you able to tell me what page it is on?

    Also, what sheets do you recommend?
    Thanks so much

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