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Toddler walking!

15 Responses

  1. Wow Tizzie – they are great videos! Thank you so much for all your time and effort – fantastic!

  2. They are great Tizzie. I especially liked the going to bed one showing how to put the DOUBLEWRAP on.

  3. TIZZIE!! You make it all look so easy You are making me very very clucky!!! But I won’t be falling for your tricks yet….. I need more space!

    And your home looks lovely, full of light.

    But i LOVED the clips, I am a visual learner 🙂

  4. Thankyou so much, these are seriously brilliant and one of the best things ever! Love, love Darragh & Cillian in the clips and don’t worry about the boobs thing, I am not sure that I would have noticed if I had not read the comments, I was too busy watching what you were doing! Thanks again!

  5. Not sure if you check the comments Tizzie but was just wondering if you are able to let your toddler back out of the stroller again after putting them in or should they stay there for the remainder of that trip and try again next time??

  6. Hi Tizzie,

    thank you so much for the videos, they are fantastic!!! Darragh and Cillian are soo gorgeous in the videos and of course Darragh is doing so well with his good behaviour, soo cute to see! I loved the wrapping one of Cillian too, made me clucky as well to see him all wrapped up!

    You do fantastic work Tizzie, where would we all be without you?!

    Kate (and Georgia) 🙂

  7. Ok, Tizzie, I will spare you the T-shirt comment… LOL. The producer was probably enjoying 😀

    I love the videos; Darragh is too cute! Oh and I also loved a little baby in the background of the video…. he was moving quite a bit in his cot! Hehehe…

  8. well iv only just watched these videos, good work, your amazing & first thing i noticed was how big your “b” are (heheh) your looking great.

  9. Tizzie, this has taken me a while to look and admire these clips, but thanks I LOVE the clips. LOVE them, what great work!

    I have to say though, you have the perfect angel (aka Darragh) and the perfect mama both of you making it look so easy. I’m so going to dare you to film one of those videos with Mia – she’ll give us all a run for our money :):):). Shame she now lives in London.

    I hope you’re well, I’m loving reading your blogs & forums whilst I’m OS

  10. Tizzie & Darragh,

    For some reason, this never came to my mail box like the other forum things do :(:(:(. And I visited the blog today for the first time in weeks and saw this.

    Have I missed you in London? This is devestating, I’ve been telling Mia all year that she will see you here. Please let me know if you’re still here. I’ll private message you my phone number.

    Darragh, I’m very sorry to hear you had gastro. Of all Mia’s illnesses, I find gastro the most distressing as it must hurt (& smell) so much. I hope you’re better now.

    Please be in London still. I’ll check this page regularly for the next few days.

  11. Oh Tizzie I just watched the walking clip & Darragh is just soooo cute! I love the bit where you put him back in the pram & does he say “No mum” but he happily sits there while you strap him in? What a good boy! I’m at the stage where I’ve started walking with Brodie but I don’t use the pram all the time. He has “Caramello” bear on his back & he holds my hand. He knows if he lets go, he’s back in the trolley. So far so good!

  12. Hi Tizzie i am loving your book thank you for providing a guide !! i have a 7 month old baby boy called Rogan he was waking around twice a night and i would feed him because i thought he was hungry but i realize now that he was moving into another sleep cycle after reading your book, i am working on putting him into the routine recommended by you for his age, he is doing really well so far but i am focusing on not feeding him at night any more, so far a go in pick him up and rock in in my arms for a minute and then put him back down instead of feeding him and he just goes back to sleep, i am very proud of him for that ! i have taught him how to put himself to sleep during the day so i don’t think it will take too long for him to cotton on, i just feel a little guilty because he wants to be fed when i pick him up he starts to get ready to go on the boob but i just put him back down i think i’m doing the right thing but i would like to know for sure if i am ….. the other thing is that he gets very tired during the day so i find it hard to get him from one nap interval to the next without him getting super over tired, i normally just put him down when he shows tired signs so he doesn’t go into over drive, but that means i have to neglect the routine and i would like it to all flow because i want a full nights sleep to start to happen !! sorry to write such a long email ! Thanks for your help….. fingers crossed.

  13. Hi Joy:
    Thank you for your post. It sounds like you are doing really well with implementing Tizzie’s routines., The best way to ask questions and seek help in following Tizzie’s routines is to subscribe to one of our general forum membership . However before you do this we suggest you read Tizzie’s bedding guide ( ) as Tizzie has found addressing a baby’s bedding can solve 70 % of sleep problems, especially frequent night waking. Other factors relating to sleep can be hunger and not enough ‘awake’ time. Without further information it is very difficult to guide you.

    Here are some details about the general forum.
    General Forum Membership – $30.00

    The Save Our Sleep General forum offers a friendly, supportive online community where parents can help other parents establish and follow Tizzie’s routines and advice and help answer any questions that may come up along the way. The forum is a safe and secure environment where you can chat, help each other and share in the day to day joys, achievements and challenges of parenting.

    The General Forum is a community of like-minded parents who willingly share their experiences, baby advice and support new members. The SOS moderating team checks the advice given and a member of Tizzie’s team will step in if any misleading or potentially unsafe advice is given. This area is a Forum only and does not entitle members to support directly from either Tizzie or her team but the team is active in this area and may pop in from time to time. To join the forum please use the following link –
    Save Our Sleep

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