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New Save Our Sleep Blankets!

While the boys and I are experiencing some gorgeous summer weather here in Dublin Nathan tells me the temperature has dropped in Australia and winter is on the way! We are looking forward to him joining us in a couple of weeks to warm up! Regardless of which side of the world you are on I thought I would remind you of the wonderful blankets available from Save Our Sleep. As our range is all 100% cotton or Bamboo they keep babies and toddlers warm in winter and cool in summer. I have just released my own brand of cot blankets which has enabled me to put my bedding guide on the packaging to help keep more babies safe at night.

Products of the Month!

Save Our Sleep Cot Blanket and Cellular Cot Blanket
I am excited that Mummy has launched her own range of blankets. Branding these blankets Save Our Sleep has allowed Mummy to put very important information about bedding and keeping baby’s safe all night onto the packaging. I LOVE these blankets as they are so soft, snugly and silky and help to keep me warm wherever I am. I am so pleased Mummy brought them away with me as they are the best blankets to sleep with! Mummy tells me she chose these blankets to brand with the Save Our Sleep brand because – Mummy values the importance of keeping all babies warm enough in bed to promote restful, safe and sound sleep. This knowledge has initiated Mummy to source the most luxurious and delicately soft natural bamboo and cotton to bring you a beautiful, safe and warm range of blankets for your precious baby.

The Bamboo Cot Blanket is made from organically grown Bamboo has a delicate hand-feel and is surprisingly heavy. Made using 100% bamboo (except the trim) it has an amazing drape that is great to use as a blanket for night time and on the go.

The Cot Cellular Blanket is 50% organic cotton and 50% organically grown bamboo. The blanket is amazingly soft and delicate that is perfect against baby’s skin. Fabulously serviceable, the beautiful silky feel continues with machine washing and drying. Cellular blankets are synonymous with airflow and being breathable. This bamboo blend makes it even more breathable and warmer or cooler when needed.

Both the Bamboo Cot Blanket and the Cot Cellular Blanket have a lovely weave that ensures little fingers cannot poke through the material and get stuck. Ask your Mummy to get you a new Save Our Sleep blanket for you to snuggle under as well.

Win a Save Our Sleep Cot Blanket!
To celebrate the release of the new Save Our Sleep branded blankets we are running a competition on my facebook fanpage where you can take and send in a picture of your baby with either the Save Our Sleep or Little Bamboo brand cellular or bamboo blanket. The picture needs to be of a quality to use on the website! To enter simply upload your photo onto the fanpage by Friday 10th June and my team and I will choose a couple of winners. The winners will receive a Save Our Sleep cot blanket as their prize! Enter the competition…

My product of the month this month is a bit different! It is Mummy’s routines and how it allows me to have special Mummy time while Cillian is asleep. I love my one on one mummy time while Cillian has his day sleep. I have some special big boy toys that I am only allowed to get out and play with while Cillian is asleep as they are not safe for toddlers.

I love my routine that after lunch each day Mummy and I have this special time. If Cillian wasn’t following Mummy’s routines this special time might only happen some days or at different times so I wouldn’t know when to expect it. Thank you Mummy for helping me and lots of other big brothers and sisters have this special time with their Mummy’s and Daddy’s each day! Today was extra special because Cillian had his sleep in the buggy at Dublin Zoo while mummy and I watched the new baby Gorilla and his friends. The best part was when his mummy gave him a big kiss.

Darragh loved the Gorillas so much he took this fantastic photo of the Mummy and Baby Gorilla all by himself!


Featured Supplier
Our new blankets are now in Babies & Kids 81 Gamon St, Yarraville, VIC 3013 so pop in and feel them for yourself!

Save Our sleep products are also available in some retail stores please check for your local store on our website.

As you know the boys and I are at home in Ireland so I thought it time to share with you some more of my travelling tips! I have always found that it is incredibly beneficial to bring as many familiar things from home with us to help the boys with the transition of staying in unfamiliar places. Here are some things I would NEVER leave home without when going on trips –

My boys bedding – I always make sure I bring my boys bedding including mattress protector, sheets and blankets (directly off the cot so they smell familiar). While you may think that blankets are going to be heavy and take up lots of room, I believe it is vital that your children have familiar bedding when you are asking them to settle and sleep in new places. I always carry at least two of my boys own blankets on board with me when flying that I can fold up and place over them.

Travel car seats – I always bring our travel car seats with us, the boys are used to sitting and sleeping in car seats and I find this helps them to understand that they have to stay seated on the flights. They also sleep better in them and I don’t have to disturb them each time the seatbelt sign comes on. (Which in past experience always seems to be when a baby has just fallen asleep in a bassinet!)

Babybjorn Travel Cot – Cillian has slept in this cot every night we have been in Dublin and he has slept beautifully in it! I would not travel without this cot! It is incredibly light, easy to set up and seems to be the only one on the market that babies don’t sweat in.

Sleeping Bag – of course I always bring sleeping bags from home and I always bring at least two and carry both on the plane in case the boys get sick. I find the sleeping bags invaluable as planes are notoriously cold and the sleeping bags are familiar but also keep them warm enough to be able sleep. I also always carry a spare set of clothing on board for myself as well in case the boys are sick on me! You don’t want to get vomited on and have to smell it for hours on end!

Food – Yes I actually work out how much food Cillian will need for the duration of the trip – this time 7 weeks and I carry it all in one suitcase! If you don’t feel you can do this please consider having your child’s familiar food at least on the plane as they last thing you want on the plane is a hungry baby who is refusing anything the airline is offering. If your baby does not normally eat any commercial food please start introducing it into your baby’s diet at least 6 weeks before you trip. I bring a stick blender as well to make up as much food as I can but it isn’t always possible if you are on the road so I often just make up chicken or lamb and add it to commercial food while away. The added bonus of filling a suitcase with food for the trip over is you will have an empty suitcase you fill with shopping on the trip home!! (Shh don’t tell Nathan!)

Books & Small Toys – I always bring the boys favourite books and a couple of small toys for the trip which have continued to be read and played with here in Dublin even though they have been spoilt by family with lots of new things.

Your Chance to win a BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light RRP $395.95\

We have some very exciting news! Tizzie and the Save Our Sleep team along with BabyBjörn Australia are giving you the chance to win a BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light RRP$395.95. To be in the running to win this cot you need to visit the Facebook | BabyBjörn Australia page and LIKE their page, then write on their wall: “WHAT IS YOUR BEST TIZZIE TIP?”. You have until Thursday 30th June 2011 to enter. At the close of business AEST on this day BabyBjorn Australia will add up all the entries and then draw a random number out of hat e.g. 56 and the person who put up post number 56 will win the Travel Cot! Remember you must LIKE the BabyBjorn Australia page and pop up a post with your best Tizzie Tip on their page to be eligible. The winner will be announced Friday 1st July 2011.

Winter Warmers
Apart from the new range of Save Our Sleep blankets we have lots of other blankets available at Save Our Sleep. Here are just some of the gorgeous blankets you can find in my store.

Please note: when referring to my safe bedding guide the layers of blankets recommended are the Save Our Sleep Bamboo Cot blankets. If you are using other blankets you will need to adjust the blankets according to your baby’s hot or cold signs.
Purebaby Stripe Range

FREE GIFT – With each mint and white striped blanket bought we will give you a free Green Amadeus Anwayup Beaker valued at AUD$13.95. This offer is only while stock of the blankets last.

Purebaby Cable Knit Range

Weegoamigo Range

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