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8 Responses

  1. Thank you for these videos Tizzie! I am just starting to notice a bit of this behaviour with my 18 month old boy. I used this technique with him at the shops today and it worked very well. He realised very quickly that if he did not hold Mummy’s hand we wern’t going very far!

    I have also found the “How to put your bay to bed” video very useful in the early days when we were using the doublewrap too. Thank you for giving me my happy SOS bub – who at 18mnths sleeps 12hrs overnight + 2hrs eacjh afternoon!


  2. Love these videos Tizzie, thankyou. They are a great supplement to your books. My daughter 13 months has just started to walk properly and the couple of times I’ve tried to hold her hand she has refused. Will try this technique and see how we go!

  3. Thank you for the video. My daughter is 14 months and seems to have started her tantrums early! (from about 12 months). I really appreciate your ‘real life’ footage and honesty in talking about your own experiences with tantrums as I have found that most mums of kids with similar ages to mine tell me their children do not tantrum – this has left me worrying more about my daughter and my parenting! Your video has not only given me the tools and confidence to try to help her overcome her tantrums but it has also made me feel like our experience is more “normal” THANKYOU!

  4. Your last words were “…you should allow your child to have the tantrum when you have the time to see it through from beginning to end”

    Im confused. How do we control or choose when the tantrum happens? If we don’t have the time to “see it through” then how do we respond to the tantrum? The child is deciding to have a tantrum at any time of the day, and in any location. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of then just scheduling 46 minutes into my day of sitting holding my child’s hand to see a tantrum through.

    Also, I have a child who tantrums by holding his breath until he turns blue and passes out in my arms then starts breathing again. I’m in tears every time a tantrum happens it’s terribly frightening!

  5. Hi Tizzie

    This is really useful, thank you.

    What would you recommend to do if you didn’t have the time to let him go for the full amount of time, say if you were on your way to dinner in 5 mins?

  6. Hi Tizzie,

    Would you suggest a similar approach for a two year old that always wants out of her pram? I have to commute on public transport with her at the end of a day at daycare, so she is tired and always wants to be carried, but I am now 7.5 months pregnant and carrying her and pushing the pram home is too hard, but she works herself into such a state if I dont let her out – it is such an awful way to end the day!


  7. I adapted this technique for my 14 month old who is having tantrums when her bottle is presented to her, works great – hold her and quietly wait out the tantrum, then when she is over it present the bottle again – and without fuss drinks it.

  8. great to watch! How might you apply this to other instances when the tantrum is brought one by them not doing a task you ask of them, or something not going their way etc..?

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