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Tizzie Hall on Common Sense

2 Responses

  1. Darling Tizzie. We have never met you but you have dramatically improved our lives! I have to disagree, your book is not just common sense it is a wonderful compilation of detailed information that someone with little knowledge of babies wouldn’t know including how often to wind, expressing to increase volume and much more. Our ears pricked up when hearing about your book at a party when our daughter was 3.5 months and still feeding three to four hourly day and night. We tried everything to extend her sleeps at night. We were in the car next day to buy it. Within two nights she slept 7 hours at night, within two weeks through the night. We still cannot explain what it is about your routines that worked but are so pleased we recommend it to everyone. Bless you for sharing your knowledge with the world, thanks and regards from Darwin, northern territory, Australia.

  2. Hi Tizzie,

    I’d like to echo Sarah’s comments – your book has been just outstanding and both my husband and I, and our little one are thriving on your routines. As first time parents it has been the best guide we could ask for.
    In saying that our little one was born 6 weeks early and we started him on your routines at about 7 weeks actual age.

    He is now 10 weeks actual age (4 weeks corrected) and is on the 6-8week routine for a breastfed baby and has been on this for 3 days. He is going great on this routine. We purchased all of your bedding about a week ago and his sleeping at night has improved enormously. However he still wakes for about 20mins at either 1am or 2am. We don’t go in as after about 20mins of self settling he goes back to sleep.
    He has been unable however to stretch out to 7am before needing a feed. The last 3 nights he has fed at 4:30am (1st night), 5:00am (2nd night) and 6:00am (3rd/last night). He then goes back down easily and is up at 7am for his “first” feed (with the exception of this morning after feeding at 6am I put him back down and he stirred and cried til I cam back in at about 6:45am and got him up, then fed at 7am).

    On the routine prior to this he would feed once or twice a night after the dreamfeed, usually at about 1am and 4am.

    Do you think it is just a matter of him slowly getting to sleeping all the way to 7am? Or perhaps he is actually needing a feed at that 1am “stir”?
    He is due to be weighed this Wednesday but is still a little fella, weighing in 2 weeks ago at 3.1kg.

    Thank you.

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