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Chiara and the Little Sparrows

When Nathan, Darragh Cillian and myself heard the great news that our dear friends Chiara  and Cadel were adopting a toddler we didn’t have to think long for the perfect gift to give them for Christmas 2012. We gave them a wishbone balance bike and I am so happy to share with you what Chiara Blogged about it.

You can check out all Chiara’s Blogs here link  

Here is a copy of her Blog about our gift to Robel.

A special balance bike

Here is a super cool present suggestion for a little boy or girl! Our Lil Man has been using this balance bike for nearly a year, since he was able to stand up properly and slowly walk. It’s a great bike for many reasons. The balance bike helps your little one to learn how to walk and mind you, he will learn very quickly! It’s a very cool bike because it’s a wooden one (and we love wooden stuff), it can be decorated as you wish, even with a saddle cover in different colours. Once your son/daughter feels comfortable, you can take one of the back wheels off and it becomes a ‘normal’ balance bike. 

Our Lil Man loves it to death and, even if it’s winter in Switzerland right now, he’d stay outside until late riding his little bike. His Papi (aka Dad, aka Cadel) has even equipped the bike with a bottle holder (but you can have the Lil Man’s special edition only if your dad has won the Tour de France before!).

In Australia you can purchase you wishbone here

This post is NOT sponsored, just a good suggestion from a mum!

2 Responses

  1. I love the bike and all it’s features, as do any visiting children… However my daughter doesn’t!!! We don’t have long stretches of flat surfaces and I think turning confuses her!! I think the wishbone flip would have suited us better!!

  2. We bought a Wishbone for our son’s 2nd birthday and 1 year on he still loves it! Took him a little while to get the hang of how to go fast (which I found quite a relief!!) but now he zooms around on it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a first bike for their toddlers – it can convert to a three wheeler if your child hadsn’t used a balance bike before or if they are little and then as a two wheel bike it has different seat positions to accomodate him as he gets bigger 🙂 Well worth the money 🙂

    Oh and we also now have the flame stickers on it that you can get as extras – he things they are the COOLEST thing EVER 🙂

    Thanks again Tizzie for only recommending the best products. I never hesitate now to buy a Tizzie approved product 🙂

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