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Is my baby latching correctly?

Is your baby latching correctly? Lots of parents aren’t aware that a bottle-fed baby can also latch incorrectly like on the breast/nipple.

When a baby breastfeeds, they set the milk flow pace based on their unique style and rhythm. Naturally coordinating between suckling, swallowing, and taking a breath.

A baby feeding from a bottle needs to do the same but if they are latched on incorrectly this will not be possible.

Read on for some great tips to check if your baby is latched to the bottle correctly.

Is my baby latching correctly?

baby latching correctly?

To ensure your baby is suckling correctly, when you pop the bottle into your baby’s mouth it is important to make sure your baby is latched correctly. Otherwise, they may be drinking too fast or too slow and be gulping too much air, causing discomfort.

You can gently rub the bottle onto your babies’ nose or top lip to encourage them to latch on to the bottle. If you think your baby is suckling wrong, gently remove the bottle and allow the baby to reattach. Make sure your baby is not just suckling on the end of the teat but is latched on to the whole teat.

Slow feed is the best feed

Don’t rush your baby’s feed. A long and slow feed is also much better for your baby as it mimics a natural breastfeed and encourages them to feed more calmer. It is important your baby doesn’t guzzle their milk. Listen for the slow, calm suckling.

I recommend a glass Avent bottle for your newborn as it is the closest replication of the breast that I have ever found, it also keeps a better temperature, plus I believe it is not great reheating a plastic bottle over and over again. 

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