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Sleep routine myths busted

New parents often tell me ‘’they are scared of a routine because they do not want to be stuck at home all day with a sleeping baby. ”

This is a common misconception you do not have to be home all day once your baby has an established routine or that they will now only be able to have successful sleep in a pitch-black room in their own cot.

The reality is, that is simply not true.

Below I have shared some helpful advice to help you with your baby’s sleep routine needs.

Sleep routine myths busted

If you are following Save Our Sleep and using my routines they actually help you plan trips out of the house. As talked about in the Save Our Sleep podcast Out and about (Season 2 Episode 7 Tips for getting out and about on a routine).

I do recommend at least one Sleep (more than one sleep cycle) or nap (one sleep cycle or less) should be taken each day out and about. Please note if in the fresh air this is even better.

When babies (over 8 weeks) are out and about, it is common for them to catnap. A tip Kylie gives in the podcast is to keep them up a little bit longer before you have an out and about sleep.

You should have one big sleep a day at home. This means you have a couple of hours a day to have some rest or get jobs done.

Or, if you would prefer to be home for both sleeps, that is okay but please try to have the pram nap outdoors once or twice a week.

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