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Why Tizzie says NO to waterproof mattress protector

Is your mattress protector a Save Our Sleep one? If not please take it off right now.

Time and time again I find myself talking about mattress protectors, not just the waterproof ones but all other brands including ones that claim to be 100% cotton. 

Why not use a waterproof protector? 

Waterproof is really NOT SAFE, I recommend you rip the waterproof mattress protector off your child’s (and your!) bed or cot right now. Why? Waterproof is airproof and airproof means it is not safe to use.

If your baby rolls over to their tummy and sleeps face down they might suffer a re-breathing accident called SUDI where they breathe in and out the same air until there is no oxygen left in it.

I’ve found mattress protectors to be very problematic for babies, children, and even adults and parents.

Most commonly available mattress protectors cause babies, children and adults to sweat. This is the case even when they are 100 percent cotton. When a parent sees their baby sweating they assume the baby is too hot and reduce the amount of bedding.

The baby actually ends up cold, causing them to roll onto their stomach in search of warmth and putting them at greater risk of SIDS and SUDI.

What mattress protector Tizzie recommends

Remember, a thin cotton bath towel works just as well as an alternative to a commercially made mattress protector. A towel absorbs moisture quickly, is easy to clean, protects your mattress, and does not cause your baby to sweat. A thin cotton towel is a great alternative if you have a tight budget.

Rednose info states, babies control their temperature through their face. Sleeping a baby on their back and ensuring that the face and head remains uncovered during sleep is the best way to protect your baby from overheating, suffering a rebreathing accident, or suffocation.

Research has shown that baby’s risk of dying suddenly and unexpectedly is increased if a baby is sleeping on their tummy . Prevent tummy sleeping by reading our world famous safe bedding guide

I often get asked if I sell waterproof protectors for children toilet training  

We do not sell waterproof protectors as they make children sweat and aggravate eczema, but what I do is use is the Save our Sleep mattress protector (available in Single, King single, and double) and put the Dreamwee Waterproof Bedlinen Protector under your child’s bottom for toilet training (or head if they have a vomiting bug). 

Dreamwee is currently on sale with 30% off.

Why do adults use my mattress protectors for their beds? 

The feedback I get from adults is they also love them and have stopped sweating at night when they change to my Save Our Sleep mattress protectors especially if they are having chemotherapy or going through or approaching menopause. 

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