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Infant Acid Reflux

Do you suspect your child has reflux? Have you been told your baby has infant acid reflux, but aren’t sure?

The Save Our Sleep® reflux article can help you identify and relieve infant reflux.

Babies with infant acid reflux spend less time sleeping and more time crying, day and night. These symptoms can have other causes, however, whether your baby has infant acid reflux, or has been misdiagnosed, the Save Our Sleep™ routines will help you treat your babies symptoms.

Some parents have found that a structured routine causes the baby reflux to disappear, usually when the reflux was misdiagnosed. However, if your child does have a case of infant reflux, a routine will often help reduce the reflux symptoms. The reflux pain is eased, and your baby is more comfortable and much happier.

Get the article Are some babies being misdiagnosed with baby reflux?

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