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Channel 10 News report

Channel 10 news report
Hi All, here is the interview from Channel 10 Brisbane News regarding my advice around keeping babies warm enough in bed. When you watch the link please be aware that I actually made it clear that I agree with everything SIDS say about over heating being a factor in SIDS but 90% of my interview has been edited out. My …aim was to point out to parents that if their babies are also not warm enough in bed my research has shown they will roll to their tummies and this of course is a big risk factor for SIDS.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Tizzie

    This kind of thing is so frustrating! How is a baby supposed to sleep well with only one light blanket on? Doesn’t it depend on the temperature of the room at least! Part of the problem is trying to report on a topic like this on 1.5 mins – quite impossible! Interestingly, the official position of Plunket in NZ seems to be that babies need to be warm to sleep well, and blankets are fine. Just check down the baby’s back for overheating. You wouldn’t be meeting such resistance here!

  2. I am a mother of a 12 week old daughter, Naoise and we have been following your routines from her birth on 14 January, however when Naoise was 8 weeks old we moved from Sydney to Bahrain and I am totally confused by the temperature issue. We have the bedroom airconditioned to 22 degrees and I have downloaded your temperature guide and am following the NSW/WA guide to the amount of bedding. When my husband lifts Naoise for her dreamfeed, she is sweating. He wants me to follow SIDS advice of one light blanket but to dress her in the bodysuit, babygro and wrap, Idon’t know what to do when there is so much conflicting advice. It is very frustrating. I hate that channel 10 has manipulated mothers in this manner and I shall continue not sleeping a wink for fear that Naoise will overheat by following your guidelines or underheat after my husband returns her to bed and inevitably removes blankets!!!

  3. Tizzie, last night I purchased your PDF “safe bedding guide” and came to realise that my little Hamish (11 months) is COLD at night!! He has been so restless and moving around the cot., laying on his tummy with his face in the mattress etc. I thought it was because he was too hot – but obviously its the exact opposite! So I have now just purchased him a 2.5 tog and some babygro and bodysuits – express post!! I feel terrible for not realising it sooner. I am hoping this will make all the difference and give my little man a good nights sleep!!

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